Al Bareq: Place where a Souk existed during the time of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad used to manage trading activities here: In Al Bareq province, there lies a historic market which is very famous for its presence since ancient times. It is also regarded as the landmark from the period of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

This souk is located in the region of Asir at a place where prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to manage the trading activities of his wife Hazrat Khadija R.A. This was the pre-Islamic times when He was not bestowed with the responsibilities of prophethood.

Souq Al Ahad or Sunday Market: The market is famously known as the Souk Al Ahad or Sunday’s Market. Habasha has been recognized as an important commercial station. Another reason for it being famous is its safety factor.

It is regarded as a safe place where the commercial caravans can come and stay.  This place has been a source of attraction for all those people who had been welcomed by the tribes for various purposes.

Many people not only come to this place for trading purposes but for other matters also for which these markets were made. Dispute resolution and arbitrations were also carried out in this place.

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Souk Habasha has gained much popularity since it is located on one of the prime locations which are an important trade route from Yemen to Makkah. The products which were most famously traded in this market are gold, lead, and Kohl.

Asir region is undoubtedly the most beautiful region of Saudi Arabia. We have Tihama and Faifa mountains here which are worth visiting. Rijal Alma is a perfect place to spend a long weekend or Eid Holidays. In Tanouma, you will find everything from beautiful landscapes to historical artifacts.

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Monuments referring to the era of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W: Dates, grains, and leather were also traded widely in this market. There are certain monuments still present at that place which refer to the era of prehistoric Islam.

These monuments are such that people can guess what the place would look like in the era of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Its historic standing and link to Prophets Life have made this place an attraction for the Muslims to visit.

Source: Al Arabiya

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