Khalid Al-Otaibi – A Saudi surgeon who has performed 100s of surgeries free of cost

Khalid Al-Otaibi: We know that doctors are the most important for everyone as health is wealth. However, the general rule is that the patient must reach his doctor for treatment. Many of us have experienced long travels to get our self a treatment of a doctor. Many people invest hefty money and time to get treated against a disease.

There is this Saudi doctor who tends to reduce this trouble of his patients. He reaches out his patients on a voluntary basis to treat them. The Saudi surgeon named Khalid Al-Otaibi has been traveling around Saudi Arabia and the world to reach out his patients.

He is an endoscopic surgeon and consultant urologist and nephrologist. It has been 18 years since he has been engaged in this humane and voluntary efforts. His journey is continued, and we hope that Allah gives him the strength to continue this journey.

This Saudi surgeon did not bound himself to his clinic rather reached his patients. In an interview he stated that those doctors who dutifully check their patients and are concerned about them are doing a great job, however, there are patients who need to be reached out.

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First Middle East doctor to perform renal nephropathy: There are many who cannot afford to travel far and reach doctors. Thereby he opted to reach his patients present both in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Al-Otaibi has a great journey.

He is the first surgeon of the Middle East to have performed renal nephropathy in 1996. Now he utilizes all his annual leaves to visit his patients.

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He studied in Canada and returned to Saudi Arabia in 1996. He then started to travel to regions of Asir, Hail, and Riyadh. Then he started to take his mission outside Saudi Arabia and pay a visit to Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Comoros.

According to Al Otaibi, he was accompanied by other doctors and they would go out in groups. They would set up surgical camps that would remain operational for 12 hours every day. The work there would be difficult as the places were difficult one and the equipment were underdeveloped. 

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He is living in Bisha: Indeed, what all doctors are doing is a great service, yet what Al Otaibi and his group are doing is beyond great. Right now, Al Otaibi is in the city of Bisha which is in Southern Saudi Arabia.

He is visiting cities and medical centers that are far from major cities and where specialist surgeons are not available. He is working under a program of Health Ministry to reach out deprived patients.

Source: Al Arabiya

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