A doctor reunited his teacher in a surgery after 30 years – a proud moment

Dr. Ahmad Al-Qarni performed a surgery on his first-grade teacher after 30 years of last seeing him. He calls it a very touching experience. The teacher Obaid al Qarni personally requested his student after looking for him to perform the surgery who became the consultant orthopedic surgeon.

He met his student almost after the three decades. The doctor has been specialized in the sports and foot and ankle surgery.  

He is so proud to perform the surgery: According to Al-Arabiya English, the doctor Ahmad Al-Qarni spoke to them and said that he is so proud that he got the opportunity to serve his teacher and payback to some extent of all the efforts he has made for him.

Further added by Al-Arabiya English, the doctor said that his teacher was suffering from the knee injury and he came to my clinic. We both recalled our memories about the school days, the colleagues we had, the students studying there, about the school and our teachers.

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The teacher had not forgotten him: After the discussions, necessary tests were performed on him and the doctor gave him a date for the operation. Dr. Ahmad Al-Qarni was happy that his teacher praised his excellence and success and the teacher has not forgotten all his academic excellence.

Dr. Ahmad Al Qarni mentioned that he stayed with his teacher when he entered the anesthesia room and he personally followed up all the medical procedures that had to be conducted. The doctor introduced his teacher with all his colleagues that were present there.

Commemoration Picture Taken: The teacher Obaid al Qarni was very happy and he felt proud that the doctor was one of his students.  After the teacher was assured that the operation will be a success, the doctor requested f that he wants a picture to commemorate this wonderful moment, so they took the picture also.

Special attention is given to his Teacher: Attention and appreciation must be given to the teachers this is the thing that they really deserve. The doctor said that everybody was asking about the experience he had when he operated his own teacher.

According to Dr. Ahmad Al Qarni he always pays attention to all of his patients and tries to take utmost care of everyone, but he really treated the case of his teacher as special as he thinks that teachers have done a lot for the students.

Teachers are an important pillar of society: The doctor expressed his opinion on Twitter also saying it has been a long time since me and my elementary school teacher Ustad Obaid Al-Qarni has met. But as we met, the situation has changed a lot as I have become a doctor while he appeared as a patient where I got the opportunity to perform surgery on his knee.

He mentioned that he wished all the best for his dearest teacher according to Al Arabiya English sources. Teachers are no doubt an important pillar of any society and since they dedicate a major portion of their life educating students they must be given due attention, respect, and admiration.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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