School Principal in Pakistan sentenced to 105 years Jail for abusing 25 children

When Allah created human beings, he kept all the instincts of animals in it but gave him self-control which differentiates him from the animals. Animals would do whatever they need to satisfy their needs but human beings are and should be different from them.

A School Principal cum Devil in Pakistan: The school Principal and the owner of a private school in Peshawar, Pakistan was habitual of assaulting his students and used to exploit them by filming the scenes secretly via the hidden cameras installed inside the school.

The principal named Attaullah Marwat, was arrested on 14th July 2017 after one of his own school students (a boy whose name is not disclosed) lodged a complaint against him. The boy reported that he had experienced physical exploitation by the principal and there are many others (especially girls) who face it there.

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25 Children filed a report against him: It was then that 25 students of the very school students reported that they had been directly or indirectly been assaulted by Marwat. However, many of his victims, especially minor girls did not file a report against him.

It was revealed that Marwat would force and persuade minor girls to undergo physical activities with him. He would physically abuse minors for his needs.

The police recovered 26 videos from his personal computer: He would force women of different ages to have physical relation with him and would secretly film them via the cameras installed in his school. As many as 26 such videos were recovered from his personal computer by the police.

He has confessed his crime in front of the magistrate. His statements which were recorded on July 19, 2017, revealed that he was habitual of such activities and did this for his satisfaction. He would compel women from and outside the school to have a relation with him.

3 rooms were allocated in the school for this purpose: For his personal joy, he would film his intimate activities. He had allocated three rooms for such activities and had two mobiles in which videos of boys being physically abused at his hands were available. The police reported that he tried to conceal his mobile phones.

The Punishment: The session judge Younis Khan charged him with a fine Rs1.4 million ($10,500). He was also given 105 years of imprisonment under Sections 354-A (stripping a woman of her clothes), 365-B (kidnapping or inducing a woman to compel her into marriage), 377 (unnatural offence/sodomy), Sections 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty) and 376 (punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Source: Dawn

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