The Grand Mosque hires 85 Saudis to work as Cleaners

No profession by any means is big or small. If one is earning through lawful means (halal earnings), one shall not think that his job is less respectable one. Every profession is useful to the economy: when one is adding to the economy in the best possible manner one shall be proud of oneself.

Even in Islam, there is no prejudice over the profession. If we look at the life of the Holy Prophet PBUH, we shall learn that he PBUH was a shepherd before he PBUH was missioned to spread the message of Islam.

Saudis hired as cleaners for the first time: The same concept is being revived by King Salman and the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia. For a long time, Saudis find it awkward to work in many professional fields including working as a cleaner. We are grateful to King Salman to allow the Saudis to have the honor of cleaning the Holiest place on the earth.

Saudis shall have the honor of putting an effort to clean the place. They are the host of the guests of Allah and thereby they shall have the privilege of cleaning the holiest site as well.

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85 Saudis joined the workforce: A great working environment is therefore created where Saudis can work at the Grand Mosque with honor and dignity. As per news, the first batch comprising of 85 Saudi workers have now been hired at the Grand Mosque for cleaning purposes.

These young Saudis are missioned to clean the circumambulating area (The Mataf), corridors and the Grand Mosque’s terrace.  They are cleaning the holy site using the advanced cleaning vehicles after successful training from the department of Cleaning and Carpeting at the Grand Mosque.

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Cleaning on the Cleaning Vehicles: The young and enthusiastic Saudis are driving, maintain and operating the cleaning vehicles. They are very happy and satisfied with their job as they have been given the opportunity to become part of the cleaning team of the Grand Mosque.

Saudis are on the right track now: I think Crown Prince has been leading his nation in the right direction by making them aware that they must work to survive. The time has gone when Saudis were lazy and taking money out of their sponsored people.

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Now you will find Saudis working as a chef in a restaurant, as drivers in Uber and Careem, as technicians in the companies, as paramedical support staff in the hospitals and now as cleaners in the Masjid al-Haram. On the other hand, it is a great privilege to work as a cleaner in the Grand Mosque.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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