An Arab man stabs his sister to death in another honor killing case

In Abu Dhabi, a man is under trial for murdering his own sister in a shocking crime done in the name of honor. He stabbed her 80 times leading her to death. The man was living with his sister and son in Emirates since their mother went to visit her home country.

Khaleej times stated that murder took place after a heated argument developed between the two. The brother is reported to have suspicions over her sister behavior which was the cause of the argument.

He reported the crime himself: The victim was stabbed 80 times by her brother who then waited there and reported the police about the crime after her death. The accused is under police custody as his trial is facing continues delays. 

Hamed Al Manhali, the defendant lawyer explained that the reason for the delay is because the defendant mother asked for some time so that she can think to drop her personal right in the case or not.

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What if her mother drops her claims? The mother has also asked for the medical report of his son’s mental health condition and culpability in the murder. In this case, even if the personal rights are dropped the man still must face the official sentence.

In recent years this is not the only case that took place in the name of honor. Honor killings are common in countries across the Arab world. Earlier this year another case came to the headlines was the murder of the daughter by her own father because she was supposedly not sincere with her husband.

Honor Killing in the Arab World: In Iraq, a man killed his own newlywed wife on suspicion of her not being virgin. This horrifying crime was also executed in the name of honor. There are many other cases reported also that came as a shock for the Arab world in recent years.

In Jordan one case was the killing of a wife by her husband as she ran away from their marital home. Another famous case was the one in which Germany- based Syrian man killed his wife live on Facebook.  The Arab world is continuously being jolted by the matter of honor killings.

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Why honor killing is always committed against women? Honor killings or crimes are committed against the women who are believed to be violating the social codes of honor and this is becoming a big issue to handle for the Arab world. Several Arab countries rank it as a major problem especially in countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

A bitter reality is that many these crimes remain unreported as they are committed by the close relatives while only a few succeed in getting the public attention due to widespread media presence and coverage.

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There are legal loopholes which need to be addressed: Arab countries now days have taken many legislative actions to put a stop to this horrific crime but still, a lot needs to be done especially in the societies where there is a presence of many people who advocate the violence against the women.

Many of the women right activists have noticed the presence of many legal loopholes for those who are involved in honor killings.

Source: Khaleej Times

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