Saudi Police arrested men for placing a fake dead body in the middle of a highway

3 men are arrested: In Abha, the capital city of Asir province Saudi police have arrested men for placing a fake body on the highway as a prank. The prank comes after a few days the original dead bodies were found on the highway.

The arrests were made on the orders of the governor of Saudi Arabia's Asir governorate, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdel Aziz. According to the reports of Okaz newspaper, the governor ordered the arrest of three men who left a fake dead body on the highway.

A Viral Video: The culprits were arrested after a few hours their video went viral on the internet on Sunday. In the video, one man was seen saying that he has found a “dead body” lying in the area. This video ignited a wave of fear among the Saudis on social media as the news of dead bodies found on highways is coming in a regular routine.

There are several other incidents also that took place in which dead bodies were disposed of in a similar manner. Soon after the news spread and was confirmed that it was a prank people felt relieved. Few commented in the words that the video was all fake and indeed it had terrified many people.

People expressed their anger: Many people could not believe what the men were thinking and what they were trying to do. They commented that the men can’t be serious with this kind of act. Few expressed their anger by saying that this is the most impropriate time to try this kind of senseless act and be funny.

People are of the view that the three men deserve to be arrested for the prank they have tried and they must face the consequences now. The timing of this prank is very important as the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are still nervous and tense about the similar news that they are hearing since a few days back.

4724 Another body covered in blanket found in the middle of a highway in Asir region 01

The Police are already in search of a serial killer: These men’s prank has sparked anger in the Kingdom as already a presence of an alleged serial killer is anticipated who have been disposing the dead bodies on the highway. The people of the Kingdom are already fighting the anxiety of those past events when this new development took place.

Just a few days back a dead body tied to a bed was spotted on the highway in the Abha, Asir governorate which was found to be of an illegal immigrant. Last week two other bodies were also found that were disposed of in the same manner in the region of Abha and Jazan.

After the wave of recent events that took place in Saudi Arabia in which the dead bodies were found on the highway and then the occurrence of this prank people are much angry, shocked and frightened also.

4724 Another body covered in blanket found in the middle of a highway in Asir region 02

Strict action is being demanded against the culprits by the majority of the people so that happening of such events in the future can be curtailed.

Source: Okaz