Elderly Saudi couple’s wish to die together fulfilled

When true love is there, we not only want to live together with that person forever but also wish to die with them. Once you are head over heels in love with someone, you realize that not only you enjoy every moment with them, but also you tend to miss every moment of departure of them.

When the love gets mature and so do you, when your age is approaching death then the only fear you have is that of living without your loved ones. We know that everyone ought to die, some die while they are young while others are lucky enough to reach an old age.

The biggest fear of life is to live without your loved one: When a couple that truly loves each other reaches their old age, the fear they have is of living a life without their life partner. However, there are only a few and rare couples who would pray of dying together.

There was this couple in a village of Saudi Arabia who had this desire of dying together after spending years together. They would pray to their Lord for taking their lives together so that they would not go through miseries of living alone.

This is a true story of an elderly couple residing in a village located in South-West. The couple which comprised of an elderly husband of 100 years old and his wife who was about 90 years old, were the first ones to have inhabited the village of Abu Lahab.

They lived in that village alone. By the time they were blessed with their grandchildren, the village had a sufficient number of people as its inhabitants. Recently, the couple died.

The Husband Died: The reports claim that the husband was leaving his home for the Duhr prayers when he fell off and died. His wife rushed to rescue him, yet before she could help him out, he had already died. 

Wife also Joined him: After a while, the wife too died out of sadness. Whatever be the reasons of wife’s death, we are assured that their prayers came true. According to their grandson who had visited them only three days before their death, the couple was making a prayer of dying together.

They asked their Lord by whose will they had lived together, to take away their lives together. The reason for their death has not been disclosed, yet the reporters were assured that it was a natural death that had occurred due to the elderly age. May their souls rest in peace!

Source: Riyadh Connect