Why do they want to destroy Saudi Arabia?

Why is there so much hatred against Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia is one of the countries who has always strived for peace. It had paid unconditional costs for the peace and harmony yet has never asked for anything in return. But then, with all these sacrifices on part of Saudi Arabia, why is there so much hatred against Saudi Arabia?

Even if we understand that Saudi Arabia is a country that everyone cherishes to have as per its great natural resources, Islamic importance and blissfulness, nevertheless, it is not a state that deserves hate!

It is now a country that is heading towards heights of development: its GDP is greater than most of the countries, its richness in oil and natural resources give it an edge that everyone wants but cannot get.

How on earth would you justify this hate? Other countries, which so-called form the “Muslim Brotherhood”, have always been hateful to Saudi Arabia and this is not something new.

How on earth would you justify this hate? You hate Saudi Arabia for being the peace lover and always striving for peace? It is a country that has always opted for Muslim Brotherhood, stood up for their cause and helped them in every possible manner.

Why hate Saudi Arabia? Because it has kept Islam alive by imposing Shariah laws? Why hate Saudi Arabia because it has been an epitome of peace? Because it guards the Holy Mosques and is caretaker of the Holy Kaaba? Because it facilitates the guests of the Holy Mosque and the pilgrims? Are these valid reasons for hate from the rest of the Muslim world?

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Qatar’s regime since 1995 has always ensured policies that would destroy the economy of Saudi Arabia. But then, why does Qatar wants to destroy a country who has and will strive for peace and harmony in GCC countries?

Saudi Arabia has always wished for stability in other GCC countries and will always stick to this policy! Now, shouldn’t the Muslim community stand by Saudi Arabia and question the Qatari Anti-Saudi targeted policies? Isn’t this putting a question on the unity of Muslim Brotherhood? Isn’t this extreme hate from Qatar and extreme silence from the Muslim community alarming?

Saudi Arabia has always protected the GCC: Now, if you dig in the history, Saudi Arabia has always protected these GCC states. For instance, in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait, everyone looked up to Saudi Arabia for protection of the region and Saudi Arabia fulfilled the entrusted duty without getting a reward for it.

When the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser initiated to eradicate them from the state, it was Saudi Arabia who protected them. What bad has Saudi Arabia done to Qatar that all it gets is hate?

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What good will Qatar get if Saudi Arabia is eliminated from the Muslim community? Why cannot the Muslim world observe the nationalist agenda of Turkey, its strict stance against the Kurdish issue and its strong relation with Europe and Israel?

Saudi Arabia has been patiently tackling the Qatari harm without taking a harsh step. It only indicates that all it wants is peace! Then why does Saudi Arabia face hate?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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