Your wife is not a Baby Making Machine – plea of a doctor

As we all know marriage is a bond between a husband and a wife. They are free to make the decision for their future life. They are allowed to plan for their family and decide when and how many kids they wanted. But in many conservative countries, it is usually seen that besides husband and wives, parents or family members decide for their family.

Soon after marriage, the first question arises in everybody’s mind is when the new member of the family is expected to come. This is the main problem that the newly married couple has to face all over the world. Even in Saudi Arabia, the same problem exists.

People start raising questions about pregnancy from the first month of marriage: I personally think that the cause of the birth of half of the population of Saudi Arabia is that people start asking about the baby from the couple from the very first month of their marriage. In many South Asian countries, the problem is worse than any other country.

In many rural areas and conservative lands, women always become the victim of family talks like; she is infertile, she, she is not willing to produce a child, she is internally not well to conceive etc. These are very inappropriate words to use for a woman.

Women are still blamed to give birth to daughters: Sometimes the couple is not mentally or physically ready to give birth to a baby but because of continuous pressure, they have to do so. In many backward countries, it is also seen that woman is blamed for giving births to daughter.

They are treated like a baby producing machine until they give birth to a son who can join the race to carry on your legacy.

The first thing I want all the husbands to consider is that your wife is not just a baby making a machine that works on your will. She is your soul mate, companion of your life, your best friend, and your life partner. Stop treating your wife as a maid, be her life partner, friend and behave properly with her.

She bears several indescribable pains just to give birth to your baby. Recently a post of a doctor went viral in which she cried talking about a woman who delivered her baby and died after a few minutes. She did not even get the time to love her baby or decide the name or plan for her future.

I cried today: The doctor said, as a doctor, I have handled so many pregnant women in the Labor room and every time in the delivery room I pray to God to bless all the mothers. But today I cried because we don’t pray for things like this to happen but sometimes God may have another plan.

A woman who was infertile for 14 years, finally was blessed by God beyond science and human knowledge. She got pregnant despite the fact she had an ovarian cyst and a huge load of Fibroids, brethren she got pregnant.

She passed away: After nine months when she was admitted to the hospital, she labored for hours and after bearing pains for seven hours she was operated. Her husband got a baby but lost his wife. Before her death, she was able to hold her baby in her arm and smiled GOD is great.

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Everybody was devastated and sad reading this post. This was truly heartbreaking. So please try your best to respect all the women, whether she is your mother, sister or wife. Don't enforce the burden of having too many children on your wife if her health does not allow it. Keep in mind, every human is different.