6 Stupid Questions asked from Saudi Expatriates back in their home countries

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia for a long time consider it as their home, but sometimes they choose to move back to their native country or decide to visit it for a short period. Irrespective of the country of their origin, Saudi expatriates have to face similar responses and reactions when they return home.

1-Left the country to come back? People call the Saudi expatriates crazy for returning to the country which they left in the first place. Living in another country has its own disadvantages but on the other hand, life in Saudi Arabia is considered much more peaceful and it has an advantage of being surrounded by close and extended family.

2-Which place was better? Saudi Arabia or Home Country? What people don’t understand is that this is not some type of competition of comparing the countries. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of staying in one country over the other may be due to professional or practical reasons such as quality of education or career opportunities. To most of the expatriates, both countries are of equal importance.

4720 6 Stupid Questions asked from Saudi Expatriates back in their home countries

3-Can you speak Arabic? In Arab countries, you can survive if you know good English. Although Arabic is spoken as first language, but people understand English well. When they visit native country, Saudi expatriates are asked the question of whether they know how to speak Arabic or not.

The fact that people want to see whether they are one of those who speak fluent Arabic in their local accent do not look at them for their personality as an individual which is rather disappointing.

4-Do you have citizenship? Another common question is about citizenship. When the expatriates are asked about whether they have the nationality of Saudi Arabia, they are rather confused as to what to say.

In either case, they are bashed at with judgments as people see them as someone who has a foreign nationality as a ticket out of their own country.

5-Can you take me with you or can you help me to go there? This is a rather awkward question which leaves the person confused for words and this follows with an awkward conversation. The point to understand is that all the countries have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is the nature of your interest that might attract you to some place but never forget that it isn’t easy to get what you want in any country. It takes dedication, hard work and patience to achieve your goals.

4720 6 Stupid Questions asked from Saudi Expatriates back in their home countries 00

6-You must be enjoying your life! Not everything is as easy and good as it seems. Most people living out of their native country have to work hard and make a place for themselves among the people. Majority of them are working part-time along with studying. Those who have a demanding job or family have their work cut out as well.