5 Years Jail and SR 3 million fine for spreading fake news in Saudi Arabia

Spreading a rumor or a false news these days is the easiest task. People use social media and electronic media to spread a fake news. Such hyped news gets an extra attention and causes trouble to a lot of people.

Such people do not understand that their mischiefs tend to annoy and trouble people around them. There have been instances where rumors had not only affected the lives of people, caused them shame but also there have been cases where false news had a serious impact on the public order and security.

Rumors and False News travel so fast: In an era where internet and technology are at hands of everyone, it takes no time to spread the news.

There are very few people who would actually go into the depth of the news and check its reliability, others would just believe it to be true. In such a case, rumormongers get their work done within hours! The Saudi Arabian authorities have decided to put an end to such unethical acts. 

Fake News affecting the security and law and order: The Public Prosecution of Saudi Arabia has made it clear that anyone found guilty of sharing and spreading fake news or a rumor that has or shall have an effect on security and law and order, shall face 5 years of imprisonment and a fine worth 3 million Saudi Riyal be levied upon them.

This crime has been stated as a cybercrime and as per the Cybercrimes Regulations, the maximum punishment is 5 years of imprisonment and 3 Million Saudi Riyal as a fine. This has been stated in article 6 of Cybercrimes Regulations.

Fake News affecting the religious values: As for those who are found guilty of spreading the false news that affects religious values, privacy, morality and law and order shall face one of the two stated punishments i.e. either 5 years in jail or SR 3 million fine.

The same punishment shall be faced by those who are found guilty of preparing the news, storing it on their computers or spreading it through the electronic and social media.

This is a great step by the Saudi Authorities as fake news spreads like fire in the woods and has numerous effects. Putting heavy fines and harsh punishment will teach them a lesson for good and shall put an end to this immoral practice. So be careful, do not spread the news that you aren’t sure is true!

 Source: Saudi Gazette