A man arrested in Saudi Arabia for selling abortion pills to young boys and girls

Banned Pills: A man has been arrested in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he was caught selling illegal pills. According to Al Riyadh newspaper, health authorities got the information about the man who was involved in the sale of banned pills.

The authorities managed to present him to public prosecution after his arrest. Selling of pills is illegal in Saudi Arabia and there are severe punishments for the violators. The local news sources stated that the man was using social media for promotional purposes.

He used social media to promote selling the pills: He used it as a medium to contact people for selling the unauthorized medicine. The man has to face imprisonment for his actions as the sale of this illegal medicine is strictly prohibited in the Kingdom. The case has been moved to the country’s public prosecution and the man has to face the trial in the coming weeks.

The news of the case has triggered a debate among Saudis. As soon as the news regarding the man arrest went viral on Twitter people started posting their comments and opinions. The mixed reactions from the people kept on coming in both favor and against.

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People against it: Many people against it praised the authorities for the arrest and registered their serious condemnation for the man for selling such unauthorized and illegal medicine. People thanked the public prosecution also.

One of the Twitter users expressed his feeling in the words “It is a crime against humanity and anyone involved in it is a heartless criminal.”  Few tried to notify the authorities that there are so many other sellers of such illegal medicines on Instagram also.

People supporting it: Few supporters showed their support for it and demanded its legalization in Saudi Arabia. The fact is also evident that not everyone is against it.

One comment posted on Twitter says “These pills shouldn't be banned; some women get pregnant by mistake even if they're on birth control. I hope our country legalizes the sale of this medicine.”

Supporters believe that people don’t care how much suffering one can face after getting born, but they just want them to be born. There is an opinion among them, that giving birth to a child should be a mother’s decision and she should be allowed to decide that.

Nobody has the right to force her to give birth to a child if the mother is not ready to take the responsibility.

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The procedure in Saudi Arabia: It is only considered legal if it fulfills a very tight set of conditions prepared by the religious and medical officials in the Kingdom.

According to the terms, it is only legal within the first forty days of the pregnancy, especially if there is a health risk for women. If first forty days have passed, then it will be only allowed by the licensed medical professional.

Dr. Sherifa Al Ghamdi Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist stated that it cannot be performed in Saudi Arabia until the case is reviewed and evaluated by the religious committee.