Who are the Saudi families distributing Zamzam water from last 1400 years?

ZamZam water running through ages: Of the innumerable miracles and the blessings of Allah S.W.T, the water gushing from the ancient and the famous ZamZam well is most prominent and the well-known of all. It is located in The Holy City of Makkah, situated near The Holy Kaaba where hundreds of thousands of Muslims gather and offer special prayers and do pilgrimage.

The water coming out of this well is itself a miracle, with extraordinary density, freshness and the only fresh stream of water running through ages. Muslims visit the Holy City of Makkah to offer their religious obligations like Hajj and Umrah and to drink water from this sacred well.

ZamZam water had vanished from the Earth: Distributing this Holy water has become the part of Saudi Traditions. They distribute water to all the visitors of Makkah as their duty. This water is mainly distributed to all people due to its scarcity and considering one of the blessings of Allah.

As a Muslim, we believe that this water is miraculously generated out of the desert land by God’s will.  Do you know that The Zamzam Water had vanished from the face of the earth? There was no Zamzam well for many years. Abdul Mutlib Bin Hashim, the Prophet’s PBUH grandfather, once had a dream regarding the Zamzam Well.

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In his dream, he saw where the Zamzam well is located. AL Harith Ibn Al Harith helped the grandfather dig the well. History tells us that the well was taken care of by the family of Abdul Muttalib, Grandfather to Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W, and messenger of Allah.

After the death of Abdul Muttalib, this work was moved to our Prophet’s uncle Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. This was considered a good deed. 

Later on, the family of Al Zubayr performed the sacred responsibility of filling water for many years.

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With the passage of time and speed of spreading of Islam all over the world, the number of visitors to Makkah also increased. Seeing this situation, the duty of distributing ZamZam water was later delivered to many other families.

Before the time when the refrigerators were not commonly used, the Chairman of Zamazemah United office, Abdul Hadi Abdul Jalil Zamazemi, deployed the Zanmazemi Family to distribute water. They performed their duty very well.

They offered their duty well and wore a type of traditional uniform. This family got united to distribute water to the pilgrims of Makkah. They distribute water to more than 2 million pilgrims every year.

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Before distributing the water to the pilgrims these family usually used to put water in their potter flask and copper pots. This kept the water cold, rather than heating in the shining sun.

This work was done for thousands of years until 1982 Now with the latest inventions, refrigerators, and water cooler are placed everywhere in the Holy Mosque. Taps are places everywhere. Pilgrims can easily get the water everywhere.

Source: Al Arabiya