Why doctors’ handwriting is so bad?

They don’t even try to improve their handwriting: The doctors themselves know about their writing. We have seen many people criticizing and making fun of doctors writing. We have often read some jokes on social media about doctor’s writing. The doctors are quite aware of the fact but still don’t take it seriously to improve their handwriting.

Every patient gets puzzled what a doctor has written on a paper. They can’t even understand the name of the medicine prescribed. Their way of writing in abbreviations worries the patients and has caused many mishaps.

Matter of Survival: Many patients suffered more because they took a double amount of dosage, the reason behind this was they could not understand what the doctor has written. The words were inappropriate for them to understand.

Many doctors have said that their miserable writing and writing in short forms is a “matter of survival.” During their daily shift, they have to work for almost 6 to 8 hours per day which cause them to exhaust. They have to do a lot of paperwork. They have to check and write a new prescription for every patient.

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Doctor himself doesn’t understand his writing: Dr. Keya Shivadey specialist gynecologist and obstetrician at Aster Medical Centre in Dubai said, “It could be that doctor is focusing on the diagnosis and medication more than on writing the prescription.”

These words made me laugh that sometimes a doctor himself doesn't understand what he has written. Some doctors realize that their writing is very clear among themselves. They think that their writing intended to be seen only by them.

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Judge the doctor with his treatment, rather his handwriting: They know what they write and which medicine and treatment should be prescribed in future. It is their concern but it is not for the public. The more important for a patient should be how the doctor treats a patient and his way of medication rather than his writing.

As their writing is not supposed to be seen or to judge their working skills. If anyone wants to judge them as a good or bad doctor they can judge them by their medical degrees, their treatment style or their medication not by their handwriting.

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7,000 patients die every year due to the bad handwriting of doctors: No matter whatever a doctor pens down, that is his headache, but according to recent research, it is said that doctor’s extremely bad writing causes the death of around 7,000 patients every year. This is such a sad news to hear but more tragic and surprising news is that only in the USA there are over millions of people who are suffering from injuries because of bad handwriting.

Doctors should focus on their writing, however, this is not a public issue but it has caused many miseries like death and injuries to many people. We are not making them suspect for their vast knowledge or their treatment method.

Electronic Prescription of Medicine: However now with the advancement of electronic media, in many hospitals, this issue is solved by electronic prescribing of medicines. In E-prescribing an accurate and error-free prescription is sent electronically from doctor to the pharmacy from where the patient collects his medicines.

But still, there are many hospitals where this facility of electronic prescription is yet not available. In the end, I would say that doctors should improve their writing to stop causing problems for patients. It is related to their life. Their bad writing had already created many mishaps so they should stop now.