Men will get Hoors (Houris) in Jannah, what would Muslim women get?

Worldly life is a trial for all Muslims. Muslims know that they would be held accountable for their actions. Their good actions pave way for Jannah while their bad deeds open ways towards hell. Jannah (paradise) what every Muslim wants in the hereafter and what every Muslim wish for.

Jannah is what every Muslim wants and hell is what they fear. We do good deeds and refrain from the bad ones because the righteous people are promised to be entered into Jannah by the Almighty Allah!  Whenever we talk about rewards in Jannah, the first thing that pops into our minds is Hoors in Jannah.

Men are promised to get Hoors (Houris) in Jannah. This, however, makes women think that what will they get in Jannah? What if both husband and wife are in Jannah, will wife remain alone and men would get Hoors (Houris)? What about unmarried women? As unmarried righteous men would also be rewarded with Hoors (Houris)?

First of all, we should understand that some things are unseen and Allah alone possesses knowledge about them and we have very little or no knowledge about them. As a Muslim, we need to believe in the matters of unseen and have faith in Allah that without a doubt He is the best of planners.

To have faith means not to indulge in the matters of unseen and leave it up to Allah as it is instructed by Allah Himself. When we talk about such matters then there are some things we should keep in our minds:

1-Allah is the just and most merciful: No one can be fairer than Allah in whatever matter we might think about. He loves His people and He can never be unfair to anyone. If Allah has given men, the reward of Hoors (Houris) in Jannah then we shall have faith that women will be rewarded equally.

Allah says: And whoever does righteous deeds, whether male or female while being a believer – those will enter Paradise and will not be wronged, [even as much as] the speck on a date seed. – Quran 4:124

2-Men and women have been created differently: We do know that men and women have their own interests and what pleases one may not please the other, and Allah knows that better than anyone. So women should have faith in Allah that He will reward the women with what will please them and will be to the best of their interest!

3-Reward for righteous women: For a righteous woman what is more pleasing than to be with her husband whom she cares about and loves? In Jannah, the righteous women will be married to their husbands and there will be nothing more pleasing to them than that.

They will live happily with their families, husbands, and children. If some women are not married in this world, then she would be married to a believing man in Jannah.  So here we have the answer to the most debated topic.

See, if both husband and wife are righteous and enter Jannah, then they would lead a married life in Jannah. In such a case women do not have to worry about Hoors (Houris)! Also, if a woman died while she wasn’t married, she would be rewarded with a righteous man in Jannah.

4-The Jannah would be free of Jealousy: Jannah is not like this world, it is completely different, there is no dirt or hatred and the feelings that we feel are not the same as we would feel in Jannah. Jealousy is the worst kind of emotion and Jannah would be free of it.

Even if the men are with Hoors (Houris) then their women will not feel jealous or unwanted, they will be content and happy with their husbands. It is said that the believing women who enter paradise will have a higher status and will be more beautiful than the Hoors (Houris) because Hoors (Houris) are created in paradise for someone and the righteous women enter paradise because of their good deeds.

The women will always have a greater status than Hoors (Houris) because they have earned Jannah as a reward for their deeds and they are close to Allah who has entered them into paradise.

To sum it all up, we should remain content. We should have faith in Allah, the One who created us and the One who plans best for us. He knows what is better for his people and all we should focus on is to worship him and to walk on his told path.

We should thank him for the numerous things he has blessed us with and be content with them. And our sole focus should be to leave this world having won the pleasure of Allah! This should be our first and the only priority to spend life.