Why did Kuwait Ban Pakistanis from issuing visas?

The Attack on Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed: The ban on Pakistan by Kuwait was imposed after 1985 when there was a terrorist attack on Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah, who was the former Emir of Kuwait.

He was having good relations with Pakistan, its former President Zia and it would not be wrong to call him a person pro-Pakistan agenda. However, he was attacked while he drove from his residency to his office.

2 terrorist entered Kuwait on Pakistani Passport: Many of his guards got killed in the attack, he, however, survived the attack. He got some minor injuries, yet people could see that how badly the attack had shaken him in his address in which he assured that he was fine.

According to the Kuwaiti officials, the attack was organized by Iran and they had hired people (or I must say terrorists) from Lebanese and Kuwait. It was later discovered that two of the attackers had entered Kuwait on the basis of fake Pakistani passports.

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When Kuwait learned that Iran was the mastermind of all this and it was using the Pakistani fake passports across the Gulf region to initiate the Hezbollah, the Kuwaitis started to put a ban on the Pakistani visitors.

The reason behind the fake Pakistani Passports: Now, during that time, Pakistan was in a great struggle. There was an Afghan war going on and Pakistan had received four-million Afghan refugees. During all this, the Lebanese militia and its Iranian supporters were able to attain fake Pakistan passports.

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Latest Update regarding Kuwait Visas on Pakistani Passports

1-The Ban on the Pakistanis has already been lifted up. The Pakistanis are not banned to enter the state of Kuwait. Only very strict security checks have been posed. However, practically it won’t be wrong to say that Pakistanis who have a strong wasta can enter the state of Kuwait.

2-Obtaining new visas is considered a difficult task even though there is no blanket ban.

3-Kuwait tends to import specialized labor from other countries. However, during the past two decades, Pakistan has been unable to provide the specialized workforce to Kuwait. If Pakistani wants more people to work in Kuwait, it shall train its people.

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4-The relations between the two countries have never been that friendly as compared to Pakistan’s relationship with other Gulf countries.

Even though Kuwait helped out Pakistan during the 1998 nuclear test and supplied oil on deferred payment basis, yet the relationship among the two have not been that friendly.

5-Since 2011, Pakistan has been fighting an internal war against terrorism which has made many countries put strict checks on Pakistan Visa.

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6-The most of the drug smuggling cases have been from Pakistan, unfortunately.

7-The Pakistani governments have never been much vigilant and serious about the matter. They come up with a point and then they do not pursue it. They shall take the matter seriously so that it could be resolved.