Can Sunni Muslims eat with Shia Muslims?

Can we eat our meals with Non-Muslims? A Muslim always try to please Allah by self-stopping himself from the things that Allah has forbidden for us. A true Muslim is always concerned about the Halal and Haram things. Among all the things, the first and the utmost thing that arises in one’s mind is eating meals with non-Muslims.

As a Muslim, we all know our religion has taught us the comprehensive way of life and clearly screened out the Hilal and Haraam things. Having a meal with non-Muslim is permissible under the condition that the food you eat should be Halal and pure.

Are we allowed to share the meal of Shia Muslims? Now a new question has popped up in the mind of some Sunni Muslims. The discrimination between Sunni and Shia Muslims have been seen from quite a long time. The question is, are we allowed to share the meal of Shia Muslims?

Obviously, it seems a silly question because a Muslim is questioned about having a meal with another Muslim? This questioned was asked by the Sheikh Mohammad Makki, one of the Islamic teachers in the Masjid al-Haram. He replied if it is allowed to eat with non-Muslims then there is nothing wrong to eat with Shia Muslims.

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We don’t bother to eat things originated by Jews: He further explained the situation in a brief way that the thing we regularly intake like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mirinda, KFC, McDonald's, Pizza are basically originated by non-Muslims and Jews and we are least bothered about it and never ever asked any question related to all these.

He further said that a Muslim should always keep in his mind that the manufacturers of these things have always gone against Islam. This is the sad reality of our society that we use to intake all these things with satisfaction and great favoritism and have made an obligatory part of our meals.

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Alarming Point: Sheikh Mohammad said we are among the people who love to eat from the stuff of Jews and are eager to ask a question about Muslim communities. This is indeed an alarming point. This way we are causing disputes within ourselves.

A perfect example: He presented a historic incident to clarify the situation. Once a man asked Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umer in Makkah that he was wearing an Ihram and killed a mosquito that sat on his arm. The man said, the mosquito died with my hand and my Ihram got stained with its blood.

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Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umer stared at him and asked him, where are you from? He replied, I am from Kofa, Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umer said drag him out of the Mosque. They have shed the blood of Imam Hussain R.A and have come to ask about the mosquito blood.

Similar is our situation we love the things related to non-Muslims and ask question-related to our community. Having a strong faith does not mean to keep it with the non-Muslims only but also with the Muslim in Islam.