Is it ok for men to train women in gyms in Gulf countries?

Types of Gyms: There are gyms all around the world. People who love to remain fit, opt to go for a gym. First, the gyms were a place where only athletes would tend to go on a regular basis to keep themselves fit for sports. Gradually, people realized that not only athletes but everyone shall visit gyms to remain healthy and fit.

All around the world, there are different types of gyms. There are gyms where there are mixed gathering and men and women can work out together, then there are exclusive gyms for men and women. A trainer shall be male or female is also dependent on the individual themselves. Everyone has a right to choose the environment and trainer’s gender.

Is it ok for men to train women in gyms? Now, if you are an active social media user, you must know that these days on twitter the famous debate over the very issue is trending. The people of the Gulf countries are having a debate that if it is okay for men to train women at Gyms in Gulf countries.

It all started with a simple post where a Kuwaiti Twitter news page named as Al Majlliss, posted a video depicting a male gym trainer guiding a female through a training session. It was this video that sparked a debate all over the Gulf countries. When different people with different views interact, a debate gets started.

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Some obviously opposed it saying that it was against Islam, while others said it is their choice to do whatever they want to. Here are the most common reactions to the video and the ongoing debate “Is it ok for men to train women in gyms in Gulf countries?”:

No, there is no need for mixed sessions: Most of the users have a view that when there is a facility where men and women can train separately, then why go for mixed gender sessions. People opposed it saying that women shall workout under a female trainer along with other women only and men shall workout with men under a male trainer only.

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No, as it is haram in Islam: People said that women cannot showcase or exercise in fit clothes in-front of a man. Thereby such a practice is unacceptable in Islam and Gulf countries shall not opt for it. There shall be a complete restriction to it.

No, as it is nothing more than an act of shamelessness: Most people opposed it as it is morally, religiously and traditionally unethical and unacceptable. They said that it was nothing more than an act of shamelessness and nothing that shall be appreciated.

People said, even women, that such women are causing a shame to themselves and their families. We can’t believe that women can go for such bold activities.

There is no “no or yes” to it, this is something that is their choice: There were many with this approach that let us understand that we live in 2018. In the 21st century, people shall be free to opt for what they like.

If a woman likes to be trained by a man, she has the choice and right to it. People shall not be forced for anything. Some said that shall keep their views and business to themselves and let others do what they want to!

What do we think? As a student of Islam, I believe that the gym instructor should be of the same sex. While working out, one needs help and the trainer has to touch different body parts of the trainee. An opposite-sex intimacy is not encouraged in Islam.