Daraka Island in Jazan, a Saudi island inhabited by Birds

Daraka Island: Daraka is a beautiful island in Saudi Arabia where there is always a presence of migrating birds that keep on hovering over the island. Seagulls and swans are present in abundance, while no people live in that place.

People who want to enjoy the natural beauty, calmness, and purity can visit this place at the start of winter, as this is the perfect time for it. The beautiful sound of birds adds to the splendor of this place. The Daraka Island is located in the Jazan province of southern Saudi Arabia.

Daraka Island is famous among photographers: According to many people who have visited this place, one can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, filled with breathtaking sceneries. The island of Daraka has gained much popularity among the photographers as they can capture the fascinating scenes of the shores and also dive in the sea.

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A perfect place for fishing: A photographer Hassan al-Ghazwai, who visited this place and took many photos, said that he loved saving the beauty of the Island in the camera’s eye. He added that he knows many people, who love fishing, use this place as a stop during their fishing trips. These factors made him go to the island for photography.

Further enlightening his experience, he says that the Daraka island beauty is really natural and untouched. It has some beautiful rock formations overlooking the beach. This place is an ideal location for those who want a peaceful place to relax and enjoy.

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Seagulls and Swans: The fresh and soothing sea breeze is another highlight of this island. Another very important characteristic of the Daraka Island is that it is considered as a stopping point for many birds including seagulls and swans. One can view the beauty and sounds of these birds all the day long on the island.

Just 9 km away from Abhar Island: The location of the Daraka Island is such that it is 15 km away from Farasan Island and 9 km away from Abhar Island. The beaches of this island are regarded as one of the purest islands with finest scenery, coral reefs, snails and fossilized creatures of the sea.

Overall, there are 286 islands that are present in the Jazan region including Daraka Island which can serve as a major source of income for the Kingdom by promoting its tourism.

Farasan Island: National transformation initiatives are required to be made so that benefits of such a beauty can be reaped to the fullest by attracting the maximum number of tourists from all around the world. Since the number of islands is quite material it can add much to the revenue of the Kingdom if utilized properly.

The southern Red Sea has one of the largest islands called the Farasan Island. This island is recognized as one of the very important tourists and the investment location. The importance of the Farasan Island is linked to the fact that it possesses many encouraging opportunities in the field of tourism, commercial activities, and several other services.

The places like Daraka Island, with all its natural pureness and beauty, must be visited to enjoy the true colors of nature.

Source: Al Arabiya