Masjid Dirar – The mosque which Prophet Muhammad S.A.W ordered to Burn

Why did Prophet PBUH order to burn down a mosque? The Masjid ad-Dirar is one of the mosques which have been most controversial. The mosque had always remained a source of argument among the Muslims as it was burnt on the orders of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

The Muslims often argue that why did the Prophet PBUH order to burn down a mosque? A mosque should be respected yet the Prophet PBUH ordered its demolishment!  Well, for every query we shall always do some research and clear it.

The mosque was built by Hypocrites: For the very reason, we researched and found out that the Masjid Dirar was built in close approximation to Masjid Quba. The Masjid was built by hypocrites and Abu Amir who was a monk.

These hypocrites were not loyal to Islam and did not build the mosque for worship purposes, rather they built it to be used against the Muslims. These hypocrites sought that by building a mosque they would please the Muslims and would use the building to establish plans against Muslims.

The Holy Quran reveals that the mosque was built by the hypocrites so that they could harm the believers. They would use the mosque to divide the Muslims and was to be used as a station by those who had been engaged in a war against Allah and his Prophet PBUH. (9:107)

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Abu Amir invited Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to pray in the Mosque: The Prophet PBUH was invited to pray in the mosque by Abu Amir. The Prophet PBUH accepted because the truth wasn’t revealed to him. He, however, was to leave for the battle of Tabuk and he promised to hold prayer there upon return.

At Tabari also narrates the incident exclaiming that the Prophet PBUH stopped at the town of Dhu Awan while he was going for the battle of Tabuk when a group of People came to him.

These people had built a mosque named Masjid Dirar and told that the mosque was built to help the sick and the needy and for harsh nights when it is cold and rainy.

They expressed their will that the Prophet PBUH may visit it and offer his prayer there. Accepting their offer, the Prophet PBUH said that he is on a journey and shall offer prayer on God’s will once he returns.

The truth was revealed to the Prophet PBUH: When the Prophet PBUH returned from the battle of Tabuk, above-mentioned ayah was revealed to him and thereby he got to know the truth. Allah also forbade the Prophet from praying in the mosque as a mosque that is built for righteous is where the prayers shall be conducted. (9:108)

On receiving these Ayahs, the Prophet PBUH ordered his companions to demolish the mosque by putting it on fire.

They went there with fire and entered the mosque. The lighted branch frightened the people. They started to destroy the building that was erected for unlawful purposes. The people started to run away and the summoned companions burnt down the building.