A Saudi who feeds Saudi Riyals to His Camel

He feeds currency to his camel: The Saudi police authorities are in search of a man who feeds his camel with hundreds of riyals. He also filmed the scene which became viral on the Saudi Twitter right after few hours it took place. The video showing the weird behavior of the man caused much anger among the people.

Many speculations were made about the incident; few people said that the man might be using the fake money in the video. However, it did generate feelings of annoyance among many who demanded strict action to be taken against him by the authorities. 

Viral Video: If the authorities will succeed in identifying the man and he will be arrested, then he has to face the imprisonment and potential fine according to the Saudi Arabia laws.

The video which became viral clearly shows that an unidentified man parked the car in which he was sitting in the middle of the desert and he started feeding his camel hundreds of riyals with his hand.

People Response to the Incident: The incident did aggravate many people and made them respond, criticizing the person's behavior as ruthless and immature. People in their Twitter accounts identified his behavior as greedy. They say that this person has so much money that is useless for him.

He has no clue what to do with all the available money, and instead of donating money to needy people he fed them to his camels. Another thing badly criticized is the action of making the film of the entire thing, which prompts that he was much proud of his behavior showing it to the rest of the world.

He should have donated this money: Few believed that it would have been a better gesture from him if he had given the extra money to the people in the society who are in dire need of it. People through their Twitter accounts and other sources are continuously putting pressure on the authorities to take action against it so that any future incidents of this type can be curtailed.

One Twitter user expressed his feeling in the words that on behalf of every Saudi citizen whether he belongs to whatever class or age, the Saudi authorities must make this man answerable for his acts.

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Authorities are looking for him: He further said that if anybody knows this person he should help the police. He also announced the reward for the person providing news about the details of this man.

After hearing the news that authorities are looking for him people applauded this action and showed their happiness that it is good that the government and concerned authorities are not taking it lightly.

Supporters Perspective: The supporters of this man also came into the scene and shown their backing by saying that it was his camel and money and he has all the right to spend his money in the way he likes. He has all the right on his money.

This incident points towards a fact that how people sometimes ignore very critical aspects of social responsibility and act in a very irresponsible manner.