Mariam Al Ahmad: Saudi Chef breaks the world record with the biggest bowl of Harees

The Biggest Bowl of Harees: A Saudi chef Mariam al Ahmad succeeded in creating a new world record this year for her country Saudi Arabia. She got her name entered in the Guinness World Records by making the biggest bowl of Harees. Harees is a famous Arab dish made up of meat and boiled or cracked wheat.

Akhbaar 24 reported that a festival named “Sofra” was held in the city of Ras Al Khaimah UAE, in which that cooking expert was awarded for her dish. The pot in which she cooked the dish was 150 meters high, which is also considered as the largest of its type in the world.

People applauded her effort: While giving interviews to the local media Mariam Al Ahmad told that she is so happy on her achievement and she dedicated her success to the women of the Kingdom. She stated, “I want to prove that Saudi women can shine at international festivals and competitions”

Among the masses, there were many people who were very thrilled about it and they really appreciated the efforts a lady has made. Many women applauded it and considered it to be a pleasant fact, as it is not easy for the women to come in front and compete especially at an international level.

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People with negative comments: However, there are also some people who were not much delighted about it, showing an immature attitude. It is commonly believed that Arabs are only good at breaking the food-related records, this is their only specialty but the fact is that there are many other fields also where they have earned their spot in the international world records.

There are various places where it is stated that the kingdoms achievements in the Guinness World Records are only limited to the food industry but the fact is that this is not true. There are many other areas where they have marked their name.

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Some World Records held by Saudi Arabia: The past few years have been quite good for Saudi Arabia as they got ahead and have marked many victories against their names. Few of the records they have made include the formation of the largest human pink ribbon, and then another record was of donation of the largest number of school supplies in 24 hours.

They also formed the largest human picture mosaic in 2017 for creating awareness about diabetes in 2017. Another record that Saudi Arabia holds is of the world’s largest rubber stamp image made in 2016.

4684 Mariam Al Ahmad -Saudi Chef breaks the world record with the biggest bowl of Harees

One very important record they have made is that the Guinness World Records authorities announced that they have confirmed the Crown Prince Camel festival to be the largest camel sports festival in the world where 11,186 camels participated in different games.

There are other Arab countries also who have world records in their names in different fields than food. The list includes the countries like Lebanon, the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, and Oman.