King Salman extends National Day Break for all employees (Saudi+Expats) by 1 day

A gift for Saudi National Day: Saudi Arabia is celebrating its 88th Saudi National Day today. The Saudi Government is going to convene different festivals and events all around the country to celebrate the day in an unprecedented way.

In this regard, King Salman has gifted his nation in a unique way. King Salman has ordered to extend the national daybreak by one more day. The additional day will mean that Monday 24th of September 2018 is also an off day.

Workers in the Public sector, as well as most of the employees working in the private sector, were already enjoying a long weekend of 3 days as Friday and Saturday are weekend days and this year 23rd September lies on Sunday.

Is it applicable to Private Sector? People who are working in the private sector will also be enjoying National Day Holiday as the Minister of Labor and Social Development Mr. Ahmed Suleiman AlRajhi has tweeted that 24th of September 2018 will be an off day in the private sector as well.

He said in the following tweet that the Royal Decree referred above includes the employees working in the private sector.

We know many private companies in Saudi Arabia who have voluntarily extended the National Day Holiday by one more day as a gesture of goodwill.

Is it applicable to Expatriate employees as well? All the public-sector employees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia irrespective of their nationality (Saudis+Expats) would be enjoying one more day as an off day as they don’t have to report to the office on Monday 24th of September 2018.

They will be reporting to the office on the 25th of September 2018. The news has been a great surprise for the expatriates and Saudis working in the government sector.

Security Forces and Health Staff: The royal decree to extend the Saudi National Day break by one more day applies to all government sector employees irrespective of the sector the employee is working in.

However, some sectors like security forces and Health staff are limited in numbers so they will have to check with their institution about the off day. If they are asked to report on Monday, the 24th of September 2018, they will be properly compensated for that as if they are working on a Weekend.

Overtime: We take this opportunity to educate the people working in Saudi Arabia that every employee is entitled to the national day off on 23rd September.

However, if due to any reason your company cannot grant you a holiday on the National day, you are entitled to either a compensatory off day or an overtime at the rate 50% above the wage rate.

This is not the first-time King Salman has helped its citizens. When Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman took over the charge, King Salman extended the Eid Holidays by one week.

Similarly, at the time when he took the office of King of Saudi Arabia, he released two months’ bonus to all Saudis working in the government sector.

Source: Arab News