MOL clarifies the national day holiday for private sector

A gift on Saudi National Day

Saudi Arabia is celebrating its 89th Saudi National Day on the 23rd of September 2019. The Saudi Government is going to convene different festivals and events all around the country to celebrate the day in an unprecedented way.

In this regard, King Salman has gifted his nation in a unique way. King Salman has ordered to extend the national daybreak to four days for government employees. People will be leaving for their holiday on the 20th of September 2019 and coming back to work on the 24th of September.

Is it applicable to the Private Sector?

There was a lot of confusion among people if the 4 days holiday announced for the government sector would also be applicable to the private sector. Thousands of people have raised this question to the Ministry of Labor and finally, they have responded to this concern through the following tweet.

It is stated that in accordance with article 24 of the labor regulations, the 23rd September corresponding to the 24th Muharram will be an official holiday for the private sector. Therefore, it is clarified that Saudis and expatriates working in the private sector will only enjoy 23rd September holiday.

However, it is optional for private sector companies to give 4 days of holidays. Taking it into account, many private sector companies have also announced 4 days holidays on the occasion of Saudi National Day.


We take this opportunity to educate the people working in Saudi Arabia that every employee is entitled to the national day off on 23rd September.

However, if due to any reason your company cannot grant you a holiday on the National day, you are entitled to either a compensatory off day or overtime at the rate 50% above the wage rate. Make sure you know your rights to claim it from your employer.

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