8 years old Saudi student dies of suffocation after being forgotten by the Bus driver

He fell asleep in the bus: Kids are excited to go to school and meet their friends, yet this their excitement sometimes does not let them sleep and thereby they fall asleep on the buses and even in schools. I remember I always had to wake up my younger brother and literally pull him out from the car while we arrived at school.

This is the case with most of the kids. Yet, we never know when a little mistake can become a mishap. A tragic incident took place recently in Saudi Arabia as well. An 8-year-old school going kid fell asleep on the school bus and never woke up!

The Bus driver didn’t check the bus: It is reported that Abdulaziz Al-Muslim, was much excited to go to school. He reached his school bus at 6 a.m. and went off for school. However, the little one was feeling sleepy and fell asleep on the bus. The bus reached the school and the other kids left the bus.

The bus driver did not check if any kid was there inside and locked up the bus in the parking and went away. Soon, as the time passed, the temperature rose. We all know how hot it is in Saudi Arabia. The bus started to heat up, there was no ventilation as it was entirely locked up and caused oxygen shortage.

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He started suffocating: Soon, the small boy started to suffocate. With high temperature and no oxygen in the bus, the kid became unconscious. When the driver came back, he found Abdulaziz Al-Muslim lying on the bus.

It is claimed by the parents of Abdulaziz Al-Muslim had a couple of times slept in the bus. During last year, in winters, he was left inside the bus alone. This was not the first time when the driver had not checked if any kid was left behind. The driver had locked the kid before, but fortunately, that was back in winters and the child was able to survive. Yet this time, unfortunately, it was summers!

Abdul Aziz couldn’t survive: The little one had suffocated in his sleep. He was then rushed towards a nearby local hospital in Saihat. Yet, the boy lost the battle of life on arriving hospital. The doctors claimed that he died within 5 minutes of arrival.

The parents and the uncle of the deceased boy have shown anger towards the carelessness of the bus driver. He should check if any of the children are left behind in the bus before locking it up. Since once he had made such a mistake, he should have learned from it.

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What to teach your children? God forbids, this kind of event can happen to anyone. I would strongly recommend you to show the following educational video to your kids to let them know what they need to do to alert or survive in this kind of situation.

Father dropped the charges against the bus driver: The father of Abdul Aziz has dropped the charges against the bus driver whose negligence had allegedly resulted in the child’s death.

I personally believe that the negligence from the driver’s side should be punished. A mother has lost her son; a father has lost his hope. The negligence of the father has snatched the shines from the eyes of a young lad.

People around Saudi Arabia have shown sympathy towards the tragic death. Many have shown anger towards the carelessness of the driver and have come up with measures where there shall be attendance on-buss and checking of the bus after dropping kids at school.

Source: Saudi Gazette