Saudi Daughter donates a kidney to her father without his knowledge

She couldn’t see the pain of her father: We always talk about the love and affection that parents have towards children. Now it is the time to appreciate the love that children have for their parents. We know that the world and its norms have changed and people have become selfish, yet there are many who have still kept the relations and love within them alive.

There are many children out there who are sensitive towards their parents. They live for them and cannot see them in pain. Today we are going to share a similar story, a story of a Saudi daughter who could not see the pain of her father and decided to take up a big step.

This is a story of 23 years old Wala, whose father suffered from a kidney failure and thereby was living a life of pain under a dialysis machine. Let me tell you, dialysis is not an easy treatment: it is a painful one. A person who goes for dialysis is always regretting it.

A kidney transplant, on the other hand, is a better way to live a longer and happier life. Wala’s father Mohammed Ismail Ashour Al-Saigh, was also recommended a kidney transplant for the very reason. Wala could see tears in her father’s eyes when he used to leave the house to go for his dialysis.

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She made the photocopies of his reports secretly: Unluckily, both of the kidneys of her father failed and he had to undergo dialysis thrice a week. Once her father was leaving for the dialysis and Wala could see tears sparkling in his eyes. He was in pain, immense pain. This was when Wala decided to take a step to end her father’s suffering.

Her heart was clinching with pain and she wanted to do something for her father. She thereby hopped into her father’s room and took out the medical reports. She secretly made a copy of them and returned the original to their place.

She knew that her father wouldn’t agree: She and his brother went with the reports to their father’s doctor and consulted on the matter of kidney transplant. Wala’s tissues were tested and they matched that of her father’s. She immediately agreed to be the donor for her father.

Yet she knew her father would never agree to take her kidney and thereby kept it a secret. She just told her father that they had found a kidney donor for him and that soon his sufferings would end.

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He could see his daughter resting in a medical dress: Upon inquiring about the donor, she said that the donor does not want his name to be disclosed yet it is assured that the donor is a perfect one for this transplant.

His father was taken to the Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk for the transplant. When he woke up after the transplant and his anesthesia ended, he could see his daughter resting in a medical dress on a nearby bed. He immediately realized that it was his daughter who was the anonymous donor.

It was then that Wala told her father that this is the least she could return to him for his love, care, and affection he had poured all his life towards her. She is happy for a successful kidney transplant of her father.

Source: Saudi Gazette