The Holy Quran Exhibition in Masjid al Nabawi, Madina – Gate 5

The Holy Quran Exhibition: The Holy City Madina is already famous for its sanctity and for having several holy sites related to the Islamic history. It is also a home to several museums and exhibitions dedicated to Islamic culture and heritage. Similarly, the Exhibition of Holy Quran is one of the most popular and visited sites around Masjid al Nabawi.

Where is it located? The Holy Quran Exhibition is situated at the exit of Gate 5. If you leave Masjid al Nabwi from Gate 5, you will find the exhibition on your left. In an earlier post, we have shared the details of The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition in Masjid al Nabawi which is situated at Gate 13.

Free Entry: The exhibition offers a free entry to the public to know some signs of the Holy book. When you enter the exhibition of the Holy Quran building you will see that it consists of different halls covering different aspects of the Holy Quran.

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Miracles of the Holy Quran: Some halls highlighted the miracles of the Holy Quran while some halls showed the contribution of the Saudi Government toward the preservation of the Holy Book.

Guided Tours: The pilgrims who visit Madina, are guided through their guides to visit the exhibition and study its significance. Once you enter the exhibition you will see that after every few minutes, guided tours are conducted, and groups led by the guides enter the exhibition.

The guided tours are conducted in different languages. It is just to ease the people of different countries and guide them through the right path so that they can easily witness the Holy Book Exhibition. It is also conducted to prevent the pilgrims from wandering alone in the maze-like halls of the exhibition.

Spiritual Inspiration: If you will visit these halls you will see that the posters in these halls are so satisfying and edifying that one will feel like another round of Spiritual inspiration after praying in the Holy Mosque.

Besides the posters, there are several visual displays each having its own audio outlets to provide audio-visual experience to the visitors.  Many people could barely read the poster because of the pace of the guide leading them.

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Largest manuscript of the Holy Quran: The biggest beauty of this exhibition is in a hall where one of the largest manuscripts of the Holy Quran is kept. It weighs over 154 kilograms and was written by an Afghan Ghulam Mohiuddin.

The manuscript is 200 years ago. The manuscript seems too attractive and beautiful that every Muslim get lost in its beauty and is left in awe.

Old Manuscripts of the Holy Quran: Besides this, there is a hall in which there are many old-age manuscripts of the Holy Quran. It was interesting to view some of the manuscripts that were written just a few centuries after the Hijra. The manuscripts were brought from all around the world. They were written by the most well-known calligraphers of that time.

4659 The Holy Quran Exhibition in Masjid al Nabawi, Madina – Gate 5 03

Documentary on the Holy Quran: Next, to it, there was a room that has a huge screen covering the entire length. The screen presented a short documentary on our Holy Book. This is all that you will witness in the exhibition of the Holy Quran and on the exit you will find a small souvenir shop that sells memorabilia related to the exhibition.

It is indeed interesting for all the Muslims to know that soon another exhibition in the city of Madina will be opened that will focus on the history of Masjid e Nabwi. Currently, it is under construction and once it will be opened it will be a biggest tourist’s and pilgrim’s attention.

Source: Destination KSA