Saudi Airlines crew and doctor safely delivered a child on a flight to the Philippines

A Saudi Airlines plane was on its way to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia. Among the passengers, there was a pregnant lady onboard. The parents had not planned to deliver the baby in mid-air, yet it was destined for them.

Labor Pains started on the way: The plane was flying at a high altitude when the lady declared that her labor pains have reached a high intensity. The pilot and the crew were informed about it, yet due to the high altitude of the plane, the plane could not undergo an emergency landing.

The crew, the lady and the passengers on board were all very worried about the whole situation. Thereby an announcement was made regarding the situation and people were called for help. Recommended: What is your nationality if you are born in the sky on an Airplane?

A gynecologist was present in the flight: Luckily, Dr. Jan Saret, who is an obstetrics and gynecology consultant at Aster Sanad Hospital in Riyadh, was also onboard. She came forward to help the pregnant lady who was both in pain and fear.

The doctor made several attempts and took measures to postpone the delivery until the plane lands. Delivering a baby on board is a risky task as there are no medical tools available. During delivery, complications can arise and both the mother and the baby might need to seek instant medical help and medications, which are not there on flights.

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She made the delivery arrangement on board: The condition of the mother was getting worse with every passing moment and thereby it was necessary to deliver the baby right away, commented the doctor. Thereby she mustered up her courage, used her expertise and limited tools that were gathered from all around the plane to deliver the baby.

The baby was delivered safe and sound, both the mother and the baby were in a healthy condition and were safe. The mother said that she never knew that the baby would get delivered onboard in the mid-sky. She thanked God for the presence of Dr. Saret onboard and thanked the doctor for her help.

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Dr. Jan Saret works as a member at the Aster Sanad Hospital, a part of Aster DM Healthcare network. The hospital is striving hard to improve the lives and health of the people by providing better and improved healthcare facilities, extensive care centers and expert doctors. The hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that is located in Riyadh and is famous for its timely and great healthcare facilities.

Dr. Jan Saret commented that this was a very different experience for her, yet her years of service at the Aster Hospital helped her to take the challenge confidently. She says that it was important to deliver the baby onboard as stalling the delivery was equivalent to putting lives of the baby and the mother at a great risk.

Not the first time: This is not the first time a child is born on a Saudi Airlines flight. In 2016, a woman gave birth to a child on a Saudi Airlines flight flying to New York.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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