Saudi man arrested for ripping woman’s image off a banner

Extreme behavior in any form and of any kind is not acceptable, nor beneficial and induces chaos as a result. Such extreme behavior was shown by a Saudi man who committed an unusual and strange act.

Viral Video: A Saudi man was seen ripping a woman’s image off the banner. He was arrested for this extremism after the video capturing the incident went viral.

A short video clip that features a man climbing the billboard and trying to rip off the advertisement banner from the side where there is the face of a woman, went viral on social media.

The incident was reported from Jazan Governorate. The footage was posted by the women rights activist organization on its Twitter account where thousands of people reacted. The video sparked controversy all over the social media. The exact date of the video is still unknown.

The culprit has been arrested: The man was arrested by the authorities for his actions and he will be investigated and referred to the public prosecution. According to the public point of view, the action of the man is regressive and unacceptable.

He might have some different views about the face of a woman being displayed for publicity, but taking this kind of action is not acceptable at all. He also damaged the property of a private company.

Some people could not understand his frustration in the ultra-conservative mind. He ripped off the banner because it featured a photo of a woman. What was going on in his mind at that time is totally a mystery for us all.

What was going on in his mind? People cannot believe that there are still some people who view women with such disgusting perspective. Some people asked a question what about the women he sees in public, working ladies and others. How is this maniac going to react with them?

Surely this point comes in our mind. If he cannot tolerate the picture of a woman in public how can he tolerate a woman in the public?

Seeing this video many people called upon the authorities to punish him harshly for his reckless and senseless behavior because they believe in punishing him is the only way to prevent others from such reckless behavior.

Source: Al Marsd