Blood money (Diyyah) has become a blackmailing business in Saudi Arabia

What is the meaning of Diyyah? Blood money or Diyyah in Arabic is the financial compensation paid to the victim or to the heirs of the victim in case of murder or any bodily damage, sometimes it is also paid for a property damage. We can also call it a substitute punishment to Qisas which means retaliation.

In the past, Diyyah was used to compensate the family of the murdered. If they don’t accept the blood money, the due punishment is awarded to the culprit. However, if we talk about today, Qisas is vanishing from our society and the concept of Diyyah has been applied in a very wrong way. 

Blood money has become a business: Blood money and Diyyah has become a business for some people these days. It is often seen that on some media sites people appeal to raise millions of riyals to pay as blood money to the victim’s family. The blood money demanded by the victim’s family recently reached 55 million riyals which are indeed shocking.

SR 55 million ($14.67 million) is a very huge amount and it is like a burden for the responsible individual family.  Beside this, there are several cases in our knowledge where Saudis and expats are spending their lives behind the bars because their families are unable to arrange a huge amount of blood money demanded by the victim’s family. Recommended: Saudi Family arranged SR 19.5 million in 22 years to pay as Blood Money

It is Blackmailing: It is not wrong to say that it totally seems like you are blackmailing to pay you the desired money otherwise their family member will remain imprisoned or would be sentenced to death. People have turned the blood money in something public auction. Recommended: Saudi actor paid SR 250,000 blood money to release a Pakistani driver from Jail

What is the blood money set by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W? This thing is totally against the Sharia and unacceptable in our Muslim society. Our Prophet Mohammad S.A.W estimated the blood money for a victim’s family as 100 camels which is equal to today’s SR 500,000.

If we follow the footstep of our Prophet S.A.W, I am sure that this estimate will prevent all the disputes between the two families, the murderer, and the victims.

The trend of forgiving the culprit for the sake of Allah has vanished: Allah has said in Surah Taghabun in the Holy Quran, “But if you pardon, overlook and forgive then Indeed Allah is forgiving and merciful” – Quran 64-14

Here pardoning means forgiving them without asking for anything in return. It is a sad reality of our society that today the meaning of pardoning has totally misunderstood or I must say we have changed it ourselves. Recommended: Shepherd refused SR 300,000 blood money and forgives the killer of his son for Allah

The government needs to intervene: Today the family of the murderer is told to ask their tribe fellowmen to help them raise money.

It means soon there will be agents who will intentionally increase the amount of blood money so that they can get their share as a profit. I hope our Government will step into this matter and put an end to the wrong concept of Diyyah.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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