SR 200,000 fine and 4-years Jail for causing a death in a traffic accident

Saudi Arabia is a country where a large number of traffic accidents are reported that results in the loss of several precious lives. The traffic mishaps in the Kingdom leave 7% of the total victims disabled, several children orphaned, some lost their entire families while some parents lost their children which is indeed heartbreaking.

It is true that the authorities in the Kingdom are trying their best to reduce the rate of traffic accidents in the Kingdom and they stood successfully to some extent. Recently, the Saudi Traffic regulation amendments announced new laws to control the increasing death toll rate in the Kingdom that is caused by traffic accidents.

Procedure to follow in case of Death: If someone dies crossing a Road, he will be eligible to get blood money in case authorities determine the fault of the driver. We have already explained the Procedure to follow in case of death in a traffic accident.

Blood Money: It is also important to mention that if a traffic accident results in a death, the party who is at fault will have to pay the blood money to the legal heirs of the deceased person. In case it is a partial mistake of the guilty party, he will have to pay blood money proportionately.

1-Death: A motorist caught causing a serious traffic accident that results in deaths or total impairment will be jailed for four years and will also have to pay SR 200,000 fine or will have to face one of both the penalties.

2-Injuries: A motorist who will be responsible for causing injuries that last for more than 15 days will have to pay SR100,000 and 2-year imprisonment or any of both the penalties.

3-Expired Driving License: A motorist who do not focus while driving, hold an expired license and who do not use a child seat or throw litter on the roads from the cars will have to face a fine of SR 300 to 500.

4-Hiding Number Plate: A fine of SR2,000 will be imposed on the drivers for driving the vehicle without number plates or with damaged number plate, for carrying the more than the numbered off passengers specified in the vehicle registration, for not using the lights while driving at night and gathering at joy riding areas. Recommended: SR 2,000 Fine for Hiding Number Plate from Saher Cameras

5-Cross the red traffic signal: SR3000-6000 will be imposed for jumping the traffic signals, driving in opposite directions and overtaking car while students are boarding or disembarking the school bus. Recommended: SR 3,000 fines for not stopping the vehicle on Traffic police request

6-Vehicle without a number plate: SR 5,000 – SR10,000 will be imposed for driving the vehicles without a number plate or using other car’s number plate or erasing and obscuring the number plates.

7-No Insurance: Any motorist who do not have a vehicle insurance will be fined SR 100 SR 150.

8-Drivers of Emergency Vehicles: A fine of SR500-SR900 fine will also be imposed on the drivers of emergency vehicles if they get caught using the siren unnecessarily. Beside this, writing slogans, putting stickers or drawing on the cars or using tinted glass motorists will also have to face the same penalties.

10-A fine ranging between SR150-SR300 will be imposed on those drivers who do not use indicator while changing the lanes or reversing their vehicles on main road, drive without license, use excessive horns unnecessarily, who do not take their vehicles for MVPI, those who do not leave sufficient space between the two cars, who do not wear seatbelt and it will also be imposed on that who gather at traffic accident sites.

11-SR100-150 fine will be imposed on the motorist who leave their vehicle with the engine running and not possessing insurance, that motorist who do not give time to pedestrians to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. It will also be imposed on the pedestrians if they cross the road other than a pedestrian crossing.

Source: Saudi Gazette