Saudi lost his son in Baish Hospital for wrongly injecting the needle in the vein

One mistake and all goes foul: No doubt to say that the scientists have made many latest inventions and found a cure for numerous diseases which were incurable sometimes before. Modern machines have been invented to examine the human body but still, an active mind is needed to operate the machines. One mistake and all goes foul.

Similar something happened in Jazan where a Saudi citizen blamed the hospital for causing the death of his son as the hospital staff failed to treat him properly and with care.

She didn’t inject the needle properly: The old Saudi citizen Ulais AL-Hakami claimed that he brought his son Mosa to the kidney dialysis center in Baish hospital for his dialysis. The nurse began to connect the machine with his body but did not inject the needle properly into his veins.

The blood from his body which was going to the machine to get purified when returned back to his body, dropped on the bed because the needle was not injected in the vein properly.

4644 Saudi lost his son in Baish Hospital for wrongly injecting the needle in the vein 01

The blood flow continued for 3 hours: The nurse left without noticing anything and returned after three hours. On returning back she noticed that the kidney machine was not connected properly. She then left and did not come back.

Other nurses and doctors came there to revive him but bad luck all the blood was drained from his body. The grieved father further requested the Health Ministry to form a committee to investigate the case and bring justice to his son Mosa who was handicapped and could not move. The father wanted to punish those who were responsible for the death of his son.

Initial Reports: Jazan Health Affairs official spokesman, Nabeel Ghawi said that this incident happened last week when the victim came to the hospital for Kidney dialysis session.

The nursing team noticed that the pressure of the vein decreasing from where the blood is extracted for dialysis and found severe bleeding on the hand where the needle was injected.

4644 Saudi lost his son in Baish Hospital for wrongly injecting the needle in the vein 02

Investigation underway: The doctors tried every possible medical treatment to revive the victim but with no luck. Al Ghawi further said that the Kidney Dialysis center is an isolated unit of Baish Hospital which is operated by a private company.

The Jazan health central committee is supervising the Kidney dialysis center and informed the related authorities to complete procedures for transferring this case to the health Shariah Committee.

Source: Saudi Gazette