7 Books you should read to Understand Middle East History

Middles eastern history is the shining star of many history books, many dramas were dramatized and books were written by different writers of the world on the topic. The Middle East is a continental region of central western Asia, there are 18 countries that lie on the middle east, among them some countries which are famous because of their emerging history are Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria.

Many researchers and journalists have visited the Middle East in order to quench their thirst to know the amazing history. They dedicated their lives to this region in order to report the happening of these areas and the wars and events that took place.

No doubt the books written on Middle East history attracted the eye of the readers. Here are the names of 7 famous books written on Middle East history.

01-From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman: This book was published in 1990. The writer Thomas Friedman wrote this book as his work for The New York Time. He as a journalist highlighted the happening of the Lebanese Civil War and the First Palestinian Intifada.

This book first emerged as a wake up call for the world to remember the misfortune and sorrows of the Middle East. Friedman wrote many columns for The New York Times. People usually wait for his columns to publish.  He won Pulitzer Prize three times. Thomas Friedman was one of the best writers of his time and this book is worth to read.

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02-A history of the Arab peoples by Albert Hourani: Albert Hourani was a British writer and historian. He wrote many history books. This book is considered as one of his famous work published in 1991.

He wrote many books on Arab history. In this book, a visual image of 12th century Arab Civilization is described beautifully and is a good time pass for history lovers.

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03-The great war of civilization by Robert Fisk: This book is not written by any ancient writer. It was written and published by Robert Fisk in 2005. This book is a masterpiece of our century and known as one of the best books to read. Robert Fisk appreciated his work himself. These books consist of 1,107 pages.

Robert Fisk was known as one of the best writers. He wrote many books about current affairs of different countries this book was written by him on the Middle Eastern event since 1976.

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04-A peace to end all peace: The fall of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of the modern Middle East by David Fromkin. The author who wrote this book in 2009 was a professor at Boston University. He described the events of the Ottoman Empire and modern days the Middle East.

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05-Baghdad: City of peace, City of Blood by Justine Marozzi: As everyone is aware of the history of Baghdad. This book highlighted a remarkable history of Baghdad during the time of Abbasid Empire.

Reading this book is more likely going on a journey to Baghdad, the beautiful city of Iraq. The time of peace and violence both are illustrated in this book. Justin Marozzi traveled to Iraq and the middle east to write his book.

4645 7 Books you should read to Understand Middle East History 05

06-All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror by Stephen Kinzer. This book Stephen Kinzer was published in 2003 on the current affairs of USA and IRAQ. The author of this book worked as a bureau chief for the New York Times.

He collected his knowledge of western events and the happening in Iraq, USA involvement in Iraq, and thoughts and feelings of middle eastern peoples, current happening, from his work and wrote one of the best books for the readers.

4645 7 Books you should read to Understand Middle East History 06

07-Syria – a Decade of Lost Chances: Repression and Revolution from Damascus Spring to Arab Spring by Carstein Weiland. This book was written on the current events of Syria. This book was published 5 years back and considered as a beautiful work from Carstein Weiland.

A reader can easily read this book and understand the difficulties faced by Syrians. This book also described the time when President Bashar Al Assad ruled Syria.

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