Saudi invents an antibacterial Ihram to wear during Hajj

Anti-bacterial Ihram: The Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman presented and implemented a visionary future plan which has started to show its benefits. When the local ministries are cooperative, helping and listening, the citizens begin doing wonders.

The closed minds caged and slaved become open, start thinking, revolution takes place and people start spreading the goodness. One such example is the manufacture of “Anti-bacterial” Ihram; the two-piece cloth Muslims wear during the pilgrimage.

Hammad Al-Yami: A young, and we must add, active and innovative to his characteristic, Saudi citizen Hammad Al-Yami brought an innovation which is worth sharing, beneficial to millions and helpful to both the people and the authorities. Health issues are a problem during Hajj and Umrah seasons.

There are millions of them gathered for the grand pilgrim annually around the year, the existent of bacteria, viral diseases and other ailments start to nourish as there are too many people from different regions, who react differently to each new viral disease attacking them.

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Paramedical staff cannot work on prevention of a disease: The Saudi Government and Authorities keep the paramedical staff ready on the go, fully equipped, along with the proper medicine but they cannot intrude into their personal life for the prevention before they get affected.

The vaccinations are an important part before the pilgrims but still, something happen no matter whatever caution is taken.

Carpet Cleaning Process at Masjid-al-Haram: The young Al-Yami was going through papers when he came across the story of the carpets of the Grand Mosque in Makkah being coated on the surface with silver using the nanotechnology by a team of researchers at Umm-Qura University.

This story sparked like an idea in AL-Yami’s mind who took an initiative and started learning all about nanotechnology, the implementation of silver ion as an antibacterial agent and its properties.  The use of silver as an anti-microbial agent on the carpets made it harder for the bacteria to grow and spread.

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Nanotechnology in Ihram: After gathering a handful information about the nanotechnology, it’s application and usage of silver, Al-Yami set off for his ambition for the betterment of people and the best thing he came upon for the application was Ihram as it is the only form of clothing Muslims wear during the Pilgrim.

He first met a Dubai-based German designer who produced his ideal Ihram but the active mind wanted this to be done at a low cost.

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The Ihram was manufactured in Pakistan: He researched alternatively and reached Faisalabad city in the richest Province of Pakistan and was able to find the manufacturers who could produce the quality of Ihram he wants at a very viable cost.

Al-Yami returned to the Kingdom and brought his idea to Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal who found his idea interesting and sent him to the research institute of Makkah, where he was helped by the chamber of commerce and ministry of commerce to produce thousands of Ihram of this type to help the pilgrims.

This is how the Saudi stood successfully in manufacturing a new anti-bacterial Ihram for the Hujjaj for the first time.

Source: Arab News