Why this Saudi city is called ‘Paris of Najd’?

Unayzah is a beautiful city of Saudi Arabia located in the south of Al Qasim Province and in the heart of the Najd region. It is the landscape of a beautiful desert with long and beautiful palm trees. It is said that it was populated many thousand years ago.

It was named Paris of Najd when a famous Lebanese traveler Amin Al Rehani visited Unayzah, he was attracted by the beauty of this city and its people. He named this city; Paris of Najd, The destination of travelers from different directions, the pole of Taste, Owner of Al Qassim and Castle of freedom.

It is much more beautiful than Paris: He said, “Unayzah is a pole of taste and traditions, it is much more beautiful than Paris. Paris doesn’t contains huge palm trees in golden sand. It looks like a beautiful colorful scenery if we look it from Al Safraa.”

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The people of this region are quite honest, humble, kind and loving. Their Prince treats them with love and is not arrogant or rude to them. They love to enjoy their freedom.

In 1878, Daute wrote a book on society in northern Najd, in which he praised Unayzah saying, they are well civilized and elegant people in their way of clothing, walking, eating their meal and every work they do is in a beautiful and simple manner.

They treat their guest in an elegant manner and with love and smile on their face.

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Philby Visited Saudi Arabia: After reading such words about the people of Unayzah, Philby was very much amazed to visit Unayzah. He visited Saudi Arabia and entered Unayzah with King Abdul Aziz on 23 August 1918.

Philby described Unayzah saying that he had often heard about the difference between Unayzah and other cities of Najd, he saw that difference and further said whatever has been said about the people of Unayzah, their generosity, a way of treating a stranger everything is way more than this.

He admitted that this experience of visiting this city surprised him, he further said, “I felt I came from a primitive World to a civilized one, with an advanced culture where a stranger inside this city receive hospitality more than he can imagine.”

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Unayzah Cultural Festival: Every year a huge cultural festival is held in Unayzah in the name of Unayzah cultural festival which aimed the preserving and saving of our environment. The visitors are excited to see the folk art held at the festival of Unayzah.

The people of Unayzah’s intellectual level, business technique, initiators in different fields differentiate them from the people of other cities of Saudi Arabia. Unayzah is the only city that launched the main project to preserve the trees of Ghada so that the Nfud desert became one of the beautiful and best wild sites of Saudi Arabia.

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This city is called the true jewel in Arab cities. One of the most beautiful landscape, loving and caring peoples, cultural and civilized land. Beside this there are, many great facts which differentiate it from other cities of Saudi Arabia, there should be no doubt to call it a Paris of Najd.

Source: Al Arabiya