Saudi family films themselves insulting a Saudi police officer, get arrested

It all started with a wrong parking: It was reported that the family was arrested for insulting and filming a police officer. The policeman stopped the car of the family in Makkah for wrong parking and was about to give them a ticket for parking their car on the pavement when the things turned into an argument.

All the argument was filmed by the man’s wife and his daughter. The video clearly shows the family arguing with the policeman, shouting and insulting him in order to show they were defending themselves. The driver is heard threatening the policeman on duty to complain about his actions to higher authorities.

The wife and daughter started filming the actions: On the other hand, the daughter and wife of the driver started to film all the incident to frame the security officer like he was the one who was attacking them for no reason. The spokesman of Makkah described the whole incident in a statement.

He said the policeman was on his duty when he asked the driver to hand over his identity card because he parked his car on the pavement. The driver refused to hand him his identity card on the spot and his family in the back seat of the car started filming the whole incident.

The driver made a false accusation against the official. The family wanted to use the footage to blackmail the policeman for issuing a traffic violation ticket. The video went viral on Twitter last Sunday and the authorities arrested the three, the man his wife and his daughter.

The investigation into the case incriminated the three individuals and they are now set to face trail possibly jailed or other penalties. The investigation revealed that the footage that was spread by the family features more than one violation at a time.

Several Violations: Firstly, they broke the law and spread racialism by calling the man stateless.

  • Secondly, they filed the policeman on duty.
  • Thirdly, the woman insulted the man calling him ill-mannered and regressive.
  • Fourth is they violated the traffic rules and they also threatened a citizen or security man in the media.

Viral Video: The news of the arrested family also started circulating widely on Saudi Twitter. Some were relieved at the news saying the authorities took the right decision while some opposed this decision of detainments saying there was no use to arrest because there wasn’t any serious matter or in the video.

Some people appreciated the authorities for arresting the lawbreakers and called the lawmakers to issue a strict sentence against the detainees for misbehaving with the security men of the nation.

No one is above the law in Saudi Arabia and everyone should know this. Whoever tries to break the law or go against the law will be arrested and face strict punishments.