UAE offers INR 700 Crores (USD 100 million) to Kerala Flood Victims

Natural Disasters in India: India is situated in South Asia and is densely populated. Natural Disasters such as floods after heavy rain and irregular monsoons and earthquakes often hit the locality and causing heavy life loss in addition to the monetary loss to the nation and country as a whole.

India experiences monsoon season at the end of July and August each year which not only completes its water requirement but also causes minor or major floods in the rivers and streams, which overflow causing water to fill in the populated areas and bring huge loss to the people.

Kerala experienced the worst flood of the year: Kerala, a state in India experienced heavy and irregular rainfalls during the monsoons which eventually filled up all the 42 dams in the state, the spillways of thirty-five dams had to be opened to prevent any damage to the infrastructure which resulted in a disaster.

Kerala is facing the worst flood in the century, with hundreds of people losing their lives and half a million people displaced and affected. Such hard times demand humanity, strong relationships and people working together to save, to cure, to rehab, to reconstruct, to re-design, to re-stable, to ensure future safety and to feed the affected.

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The disaster got worse with the land sliding: The flood just did not end, the disaster got worse with the severe landslides in the area of Wayanad, Kerala. Some of the areas are completely isolated and completely cut off with the rest.

All the states rose up and stood up with the local government of Kerala offering monetarily and power as aid. The PM of India keeping a close eye on the aftermath also announced help to the affected citizens.

4626 UAE has offered INR 700 Crores (USD 100 million) to Kerala Flood Victims 01

UAE offered $100 million to Kerala Flood victims: The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE as we write and call rose distinctly and feverishly to the disastrous situation offering a help and support to the people of Kerala with Indian rupees 700 crores or 7 Billion in total.

The amount will be handed and handled by a committee chaired by the Emirates Red Crescent, including representatives from UAE’s humanitarian organizations. CM Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan told the news agency that the UAE will assist with the huge amount in the Kerala relief fund.

4626 UAE has offered INR 700 Crores (USD 100 million) to Kerala Flood Victims 02

Sheikh Mohammad: On this natural disaster UAE’s vice president Sheikh Mohammad advised his people to help the Keralities as they have played a major role in the progress of the Arab Emirates and hence it is their utmost obligation to help the affected people of Kerala.

He tweeted, “ahead of Eid Al Adha do not forget to extend a helping hand to our brothers in India.” This indeed is a loving act by the Govt. of The UAE. 

Indian Government has refused the offer: The Indian Government has refused the UAE offer to deposit $100 million in a special fund for the rehabilitation of flood victims. They believe that they can manage it with the domestic help.

Source: Times of India