Saudi farmers made the World’s Longest Jasmine Necklace

111-Meter-Long weighing 120 Kg: Whenever we talk about Jasmine necklace a beautiful eye attracting and aromatic necklace comes in our mind that we love to wear on different occasions. Living in Saudi Arabia you might have heard about the world longest Jasmine Necklace that was recently formed by the Saudi farmers.

The world's longest Jasmine necklace is 111m lengthy and has a weight of about 120 kg. 37 experts in Jasmine cultivation were involved in forming this necklace that was completed in four long days.

Jasmine Festival in Jizan: The necklace was displayed in the southern Saudi city Jizan during the inauguration of first-ever Jasmine festival in the Kingdom that was organized with the help of General Authority for Entertainment and with the cooperation of a number of concerned parties and partners of the region.

If you are the resident of Jizan region you might be aware that the people of Jizan area love Jasmine necklace. The Kingdom’s first Jasmine festival was organized where the Jasmine organizer was keen to introduce Jasmine its characteristic and its connection with the heritage of the Jizan region and was also keen to develop and enhance tourism programs.

4625 Saudi farmers made the World’s Longest Jasmine Necklace 01

Not registered in the Guinness Book of World Records: This month-long event is recently attended by 30 exhibitors along with 30 productive families and hopes to target nearly 300,000 visitors. Beside this, it is opening an opportunity of 75 jobs for the young generation and aim to support the non-profit sectors through the participation of 60 field volunteer with a free chance of providing training on Jasmine production in the Kingdom.

Though the world longest aromatic necklace is surely a world record. However, the reports and the sources so far are not clear whether the festival organization is looking forward to registering their record of representing the longest Jasmine necklace in Guinness Book of World Records or not.

4625 Saudi farmers made the World’s Longest Jasmine Necklace 02

Investment Opportunity: The organizers also want to employ Jasmine as a basic identity along with the spreading festivals in the region and were looking for the investors who could move forward and invest in the production of Jasmine.

The concerned organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have begun to organize many festivals that reflect the wide-ranging and diverse environment of every region of the Kingdom and are keen to introduce the world about their heritage.

The Saudi people are feeling proud and truly appreciate the hard work of their farmers and experts.

Source: Al Arabiya