2 Omani brothers died after saving Saudi women from drowning

Saudi Women were slipped while taking photos: Two women who slipped in the deep water while taking photos in “Wadi Darbat” in Oman, were saved by the two Omani men. The men who saved the lives of the women tragically died of drowning.

However, they succeeded in saving the lives of the women unaware of the fact that it will cause their death, they dove into the deep water and pulled the women out of the water.

They were real brothers: The two men were later identified as Oman national and their names were disclosed as Tarek bin Salem Al Nasser and Hamid Saeed Al Nasser. However, the rescue team reached to save the two men but were unable to resuscitate them.

Oman Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance announced the death of the two on their official twitter account which shocked the thousands of online users.

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How did they die? Humair and Tarek were on a picnic with a group of friends and family, sipping coffee, when they heard the mother of the two girls — ages 20 and 21 — calling for help.

Humair and Tarek lost their lives in the incident, as the nature of the area was changed by the rain, and the ground surface was unstable, full of glides, the uncle of the young men said in details narrated to Al Arabiya English.

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They are real heroes: The news also caught the attention of Saudi people and many Saudis reacted on the Twitter post hailing the two Omani men for their kind deed too and also elaborated the two men as heroes. Saudis also sent out their condolence to Omanis on Twitter.

Though this news was really a heart-wrenching news, the two men gave their lives while saving the drowning ladies. They jumped into the water without caring about their life only with a good intention to save the drowning no matter who they are.

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May their souls rest in Peace: Everyone on the platform was praying for their life hereafter while some said may Allah accept them as Martyrs because their acts are heroic and unforgettable.

Some Saudi Tweeps requested their national authorities to honor the two men and their families while some suggested the authorities to name two of the Saudi streets in the name of the two Omani men.  May Allah have mercy upon the two and grant them higher ranks in Jannah. Ameen.

Source: Al Arabiya