Bahrain authorities warned 2 women after being harassed in pool

The Lost Paradise of the Dilmun water park

Many people claimed that the incident took place in a resort known as “The Lost Paradise of the Dilmun water park” but the site is yet not confirmed. In the video, you can see a group of men gathered around two women in the pool.

They were trying to get out of the pool

The two women can be seen trying to get out of the pool while the men are touching them inappropriately at private places and grabbing them by their swimsuits. This video went viral and shocked the people of the Arab world.

It also led Arab and Bahraini people to call upon the authorities and take legal action on this case. However, as usual, there were some people present to blame the two women for wearing an inappropriate and provocative swimming outfit that invited the men to harass them.

Are women to be blamed?

They said it is impossible to say that the women didn’t see a group of men in the pool beside this and if they had dressed with modesty no one would have harassed them. Wearing a two-piece swimsuit in a public pool and expecting no one to harass is foolishness.

Some went too far in this matter, saying a woman who doesn’t cover herself and doesn’t preserve her honor deserve what she gets.

Women Dress doesn’t justify harassment

While some people stood up with the two victims claiming that they were just enjoying their day out at the beach where they were subjected to the terrifying assault. Some people also slammed those who were making excuses for the harassers.

They said it is pointless to convince regressive people that a women dressing doesn’t justify harassers. This matter took a controversy when some people asked that dressing immodesty is wrong but sexual harassment is not?

One of the users said harassment doesn’t reflect anything about the victim but it reflects what kind of person you are?

4617 Bahrain authorities warned two women after being sexually harassed in public pool

Bahrain authorities issued warning to the Women

However, this was not enough when people were busy blaming the victim or the harasser, the Bahraini Police warned the two women not to repeat such actions anywhere and at any time again.

This also led to controversy because according to gender index, sexual harassment is illegal in Bahrain under the provision of the Criminal code, but such harassment cases are less highlighted and harassers are infrequently held responsible because people rarely report such cases just to preserve their honor.

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