Saudi Police arrested a Naked man trying to open the door of the Holy Kaaba

Every now and then we happen to watch a viral video related to Masjid al-Haram and Holy Kaaba. A few days ago, a video went viral when a man was caught throwing petrol on the Holy Kaaba. It was a point of concern for the entire Muslim Ummah as somebody tried to target the sanctity of the Holy Kaaba.

During the month of Ramadan, the suicide news inside Masjid al-Haram when a French national committed suicide by jumping from the second floor in the Mataf of Masjid al-Haram. Later on, it was found out that he was suffering from a mental ailment.

Climbed up the door of Kaaba: Now a new video went viral when an Umrah pilgrim wearing Ihram climbed up the Door of the Holy Kaaba. It can be seen in the video that the man is trying to open the door of the Holy Kaaba. The video is filmed by some other pilgrim who is also performing Tawaf.

He got Naked: Later on, you can see almost on the 10th second that while a police officer tried to take him down, his Ihram was pulled and he got naked while standing in front of the door to the Holy Kaaba. Anyhow, he got back his Ihram and started wearing it again.

A police officer caught him: During this time, a police officer also climbed up the same place, slapped him and threw him down in the crowd. Later on, the police officer went down and arrested the man who did this shameful act.

Investigation: Obviously, the police will investigate the matter to figure out the intention behind this shameful act. If the pilgrim is found to be someone who did the act with a malicious intention, he would be given a heavy punishment.

Mental Illness? Although there are chances that the man who did this act came to the Masjid-al-Haram with a wrong intention but in my personal opinion, the prima facie video gives an impression that the man is suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Who on earth would climb up the Holy Kaaba in front of thousands of people to do something wrong? We shall update you as the police come up with some findings on the case.

Avoid making such videos: It is my humble suggestion to everyone to stop making these videos to upload them later on social media. If a police officer catches you while doing it, you could be in trouble.