Rules related to Sick Leave as per Saudi Labor Law

It has been observed that many employees working in Saudi Arabia don’t even know about the number and types of leaves to which they are entitled to as per Saudi Labor Law. If you go through the text of Saudi Labor Law, you would realize that it contains many benefits for the employee working in Saudi Arabia.

However, due to our ignorance of the Saudi Labor Law, we don’t ask for our benefits. Saudi Labor Law is very gracious as far as different types of leaves are concerned. Your employer is bound to provide you following leaves under Saudi Labor Law. Recommended: Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law

Saudi Labor Law gives many rights to the employees working in Saudi Arabia. One of these rights is the sick leave for which employees are entitled to as per Saudi Labor Law.

Sick Leave as per Saudi Labor Law: An employee, whose sickness has been proven, is allowed to take 4 months’ sick leave from the employer (Article 117 of the Saudi Labor Law). God forbids if you get sick while living in Saudi Arabia, make sure you consume the leaves from the quota of sick leaves before consuming your annual leave.

In these four months, some portion will be fully paid, some partially paid and some unpaid. However, you will have to produce a certificate from the doctor stating clearly that you need rest for X number of days.

Otherwise, it is at the discretion of employer to accept or not to accept your sick leave. The quota provided below is on annual basis.

  • First, 30 days – Fully Paid
  • Next 60 days – ¾ of total wages
  • Next 30 days – Unpaid

Annual Leave can be joined with Sick Leave: If an employee wants to join his annual leave with the sick leave to get some rest at home, he is entitled to do it as per Article 82 of Saudi Labor Law.

No Termination during the sickness of an employee: An employer cannot remove him from the payroll or terminate him from the organization during the time the employee is sick. However, after completing the 4 months’ time period if the employee is still not able to join the work, the employer may terminate the employee.  (Article 82 of Saudi Labor Law).

End of Service Benefits: In either case, the employee will be entitled to all the benefits including the End of Service Benefits till the last day of his sick leave.

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