Nasser Al-Quafaiee: A Saudi who has solemnized more than 7,000 marriages

Nasser Sari Al-Qufaiee is a marriage officiant for 20 years and in his 20 years’ career, he has solemnized more than 7,000 marriages in the kingdom. Al- Qufaiee was a person who coincidently became a marriage officiant although he never thought or planned to opt for this business.

No doubt, Allah is the best planner and he had planned this for him for his good.  According to Al Qufaiee, he loved his job and worked with full enthusiasm and honesty. Becoming a marriage officiant led him to enhance his communication skills and public relations. Allah opened a new way to his life through this job.

Changing trends in marriage: Al Quffaie said becoming a marriage officiant increased my knowledge and created the ability for me to tackle the public issues. It also strengthens my ability to convince my parents to marry their daughters’ to suitable groom and also enhanced my social status, he added.

Nasser al Qufaiee said for 20 years there have been a lot of changes taken place in marriage matters especially our dowry system and other requirements have changed a lot. Many things changed in the last two decades.

Husband and Wife meeting before marriage: In the past, it was a common tradition that parents refused to show their daughters to men seeking their hands but now there have been a great change and parent also understood that it is the significance of the groom to see her wife and it has also become a requirement of our society.

Now the groom wishes to see their woman before marrying them or before engagement. Beside all these, he also shared some interesting and memorable events of his twenty years long career.

A marriage of a Daughter and Mother on the same day: He said once he officiated the marriage of a mother and a daughter on the same day where the woman’s son was their guardian. Once Al Qufaiee was also gifted a camel by one of the couples.

Al-Qufaiee also shared a scary event while he was going to attend a marriage event in the desert region where their car broke down and they also get in a dangerous and life-threatening situation because they have no means of transport and contact but fortunately some people from the bride side rescued them while they were searching for them.

Nikah in the middle of the night: He memorized that once in his career, he was called to solemnize a marriage in the midnight and he always wondered why they have to do this at this odd hour.

The rising divorce rate among Saudi Couples: Al-Qufaiee also talked about the growing divorce rate in our society, especially in the newlywed couples. He said a lack of understanding between the couples is the main reason for the divorce. Beside this, our new generation is unaware of the Islamic teaching and the rights and duties of husband and wife.

He also urged the relatives not to interfere in a couple’s personal matters to make things worse and we should also try to reduce the expenses and tough conditions of the marriage.

The prime requirements to be a marriage officiant: Al-Qufaiee said the applicant who applies to become a marriage officiant should be trustworthy, a Saudi national and have to be above 25 years. He should be of good conduct and character. He should be free of any criminal record and he should pass the test conducted by the court.

The officiants who violate the marriage conditions would be given a warning in the first instance, in the second instance their license will be withheld for a year and in the third instance, the license will be revoked.

Source: Saudi Gazette