5 Arab scientists who died suddenly and Mysteriously

Arab scientists such as Ibn al-Nafis and Hassan Ibn Al Haitham had contributed greatly to the field of science during the golden Islamic era. Since then Arab scientists had gradually risen to the heights and had contributed greatly.

However, these gems of our nation have been made subject to cruelty. They had been killed in a way that still remained a mystery. Was it because others couldn’t see Arab scientist rise or were they killed because of personal grievances, yet we suffered a great loss.

Here are those five Arab scientists who were surely our greatest treasure, yet they death was sudden and mysterious:

1-Samia Abdel Rahim Maimani: Maimani belonged to Saudi Arabia. She is certified as the Saudi Arabia’s first female neurosurgeon. She was ambitious to serve as a neurosurgeon as her father had died from a skull fracture that resulted from a car accident.

The world of neurology still remembers her great work. Her services shall never be forgotten. Her greatest achievement was to find a procedure which helps in accessing brain without bone flap is removed.

The young hero died tragically. She was brutally killed and was frozen in a refrigerator. Her body was found in a refrigerator lying on a street.

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2-Samir Najib: The very intelligent Najib belonged to Egypt and was one of the greatest atomic scientists. He was appointed as assistant to nuclear scientist and physicists. The Ph.D. scholar also served the University of Detroit as assistant professor of biology.

He wanted to return to Egypt yet he was killed on the very day. It is reported that he was killed on August 18th, 1967 in a hit and run accident.

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3-Nabil Al Kallini: He also belonged to Egypt. He was the one who discovered that 1 KG of uranium expels 3 million times the energy of oil and gas. He received a phone call on January 27, 1975, and left his apartment.

After that, no one could trace him. A body identical to his was found from a river yet it was buried without identification. So we don’t know that was that his body or not!

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4-Hassan Kamel Al Sabbah: He Graduated from the American University of Beirut and belonged to Lebanon. He was a great electrical and electronic engineer. His researches were remarkable so much so that they were able to yield 52 inventions.

Solar power battery and pressure monitor are his creations! He however tragically died in a car accident on March 31, 1935.

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5-Ali Mostafa Moshrefa: The Einstein of Arabs,” Moshref belonged to Egypt and was the first Egyptian to hold a degree of doctors in science. He also worked with Albert Einstein and died of a sudden heart attack.

Some claimed that he was killed by Israeli Mossad. However, no such thing got proven and we still hear such rumors.

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The loss of these intelligent people shall never get compensated. Yet the greater tragedy is that the world couldn’t figure out who killed them and for what purpose!