The first impression of Saudi Arabia on a Western Girl


Western Expats are fearful: While coming to Saudi Arabia, western expats are fearful. They fear that the environment of Saudi Arabia is very different and that they would face difficulties in settling down here. Also, the image of Saudi Arabia that is portrayed is not an appealing one.

Saudi Arabia is a desert country: If you ask a foreigner, the things that they would be knowing about the country would be that it is a desert country where the temperature is very high. Not only the country is hot but also it has no scenic beauty (these are general views of people who have never visited Saudi Arabia.)

Conservative country: Then people have this perception that the country is very conservative. The people are not very social and the country does not disclose much about it to the world. The fears that expat women have while coming to Saudi Arabia is that they would be oppressed here.

Male Dominant Country: We need to admit the fact that people perceive the country as a male dominant one where rights of women are massively violated. However, these are the only perception of people. This is what they think about Saudi Arabia when they are back at their homes. These perceptions are not close to reality.

AFTER ENTERING SAUDI ARABIA: When western expats reach Saudi Arabia, they are amazed to view the beauty around them. The desert country is filled with scenic and natural beauty that is worth enjoying. The temperature here is high, yet one can get adjust to it. 

Great Tourist Attractions: There are some great tourist attractions here, there are beautiful beaches around, great mountains and waterfalls and much more that western expats need to explore. Deserts are also fun: one can be mesmerized by the long stretched land holding sand dunes on it.

Generous People: Talking about the people of Saudi Arabia, these people are not out of the world! They are like any other person on planet earth. In fact, the Saudis are very generous people. While western expats come on board for Saudi Arabia, they are surprised to see the kind behavior of Saudis towards them.

Equality: Saudis are willing to help and guide western expats. When one enters Saudi Arabia, all perception against Saudis breaks as Saudis don’t treat expat like an inferior creature, they are very humble, kind and generous towards them. The culture of Saudi Arabia is a colorful one. It is not boring.

It is fun to live here: The people here live freely, do what they want to and enjoy their lives. They are not oppressed! There is tasty food available here, great malls and great places to visit. Life in Saudi Arabia is fun. Saudis are social, they would readily become friends with western expats and would be a provide one with a great company.

The perception of western expats that women are oppressed here gets demolished after the expat women get this kind of treatment. Saudi men would respect ladies. The ladies here enjoy respect, honor, and liberty.

Saudi Women are everywhere: It is not like you won’t see Saudi women on street, in gyms, in restaurants or at offices. Saudi women are everywhere; working and enjoying their lives. So my point here is that perceptions are not always near to reality.

All those western expats who have now lived for a while in Saudi Arabia know well how different their perception was about Saudi Arabia before visiting it and how different it is now! Moreover, Saudi Arabia has been changing to be a moderate country with every passing day.