Sadreed: 1200 Years old, the oldest mosque in Southern Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country rich in heritage. The country was home to a great many civilizations. These civilizations that belonged to pre-Islamic and Islamic era are not there anymore, but the country still has preserved some landmarks of those civilizations.

One feels as if he has gone into the past: Discovering Saudi Arabia, therefore, is not only fun but is also adventurous. One is pulled back into ancient times. One feels as if he has gone into the past and can experience a bit about the way people in past used to live. We get to know a glimpse of their culture, their tools, their architecture and other interesting things.

The beautiful country still possesses its heritage which is centuries old. Even though they are not in the same condition, yet the authorities make out their best to preserve them for our generations. Our heritage is of great value to us. The north, the south, the east and the west is equally important and beautiful.

Exploring each corner is not less than delightful. The most interesting thing to discover in Saudi Arabia is the historic mosques. It makes one feel so good to visit them.

It makes one feel that how would have people worshipped Allah. Even though they were not technologically advanced, but they tried their best to make out a beautiful and strong mosque.

Praying at an ancient mosque is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. Luckily for Saudis, there are some ancient mosques present in Saudi Arabia. The Sadreed mosque is claimed to be the oldest historic mosque in the Southern Kingdom.

The Mosque was built in 787 AD: In the north of Al Namas Governorate, lies the beautiful masterpiece; the Sadreed mosque. It rests in the middle of an old village there. It is revealed that the mosque was built in 787 AD. The beautiful creation has been made using a unique architectural design.

Old rocks and mud were the basic constructing material of the mosque. A scripture engraved on a wall of rocks is what comprises of mosque’s front. The rock wall was built after the establishment of the mosque. The scripture is engraved with the following lines:

“Muslims, you ought to remain with Allah Almighty, you shall hold to His religion and shall undertake good deeds.”

A well is also built inside the mosque. The villagers use the mosque to hold 5 prayers a day. The villagers here need to be appreciated, it is their efforts that the mosque is still present with all its beauty. The villagers maintain the mosque so that people and our generations would know about our heritage. Masha Allah!

Source: Al Arabiya