Saudi Girl arrested for hugging a singer in a Saudi Concert

Saudi Arabia is heading towards liberalization under the Vision 2030. King Salman is keen to make the Saudi economy diverse and thereby introduced moderate Islamic policies. Since then we have been observing concerts around Saudi Arabia along with other initiatives.

So far, things were going very smooth even though it was not expected that the Saudis would welcome such a step openly. However, the most unusual thing happened at the concert of the Saudi – Iraqi singer named Majid Al Mohandes.

A music concert at Souq Okaz: Majid Al Mohandes held a concert at Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia. The concert which was part a Saudi festival named as Souq Okaz experienced something which has sparked controversy and outraged.

There was a good number of crowd and people were enjoying the music and song being sung by one of the most popular singers of Saudi Arabia. His fans were cheering and were pouring love through enjoying his music.

Saudi Girl jumped to the stage to hug the singer: Yet, one of the fangirls did not find this enough. She could not show her love for his voice and music by simply cheering and clapping from far behind. So while he was performing, this Saudi girl out of nowhere jumped onto the stage and hugged the singer.

The singer’s bodyguards took control of her and she was taken backstage.  Of course, this is a reaction by most of the fans worldwide, yet this is not something acceptable in Saudi Arabia and thereby the girl was arrested.

The girl was arrested: The girl, so far, is in the custody of social welfare center. Public Prosecutor office is to hold her investigation.  The girl whose name and age has not been disclosed, if convicted, can receive two years of jail and a fine amounting 100,000 Riyals under the Saudi anti-harassment law.

The incident is one of the most discussed ones on twitter and social media these days. The people have used the Hashtag of “Girl hugs Majid Al-Muhandis” which was the most trending on Saturday as the incident occurred on Friday.

Expected Punishment: As the girl has forcibly hugged the singer in the public, she is likely to receive such a punishment. Saudi Arabia has adopted the anti-harassment law since May 2018. The officials also perceive the act as a violation of the recently adopted law.

People have shown a different response to the incident. While many said that it was a normal fan-girl reaction that is often observed worldwide, many criticized it saying that such an action is not acceptable.

Saudi journalist, writer, and novelist named Samar Al-Mogren say that people have an obsession with artists and such a reaction is normal and that such an action shall not be seen with respect to nationality. People are coming with different views, yet we are still waiting for the final verdict.

Source: Arab News