Indian coma patient in Saudi Arabia who has not spoken to his family for 20 years

His Iqama has expired: Muhammad Shamshuddin is a 43-year-old Indian national who had been working in Saudi Arabia. Over a year ago, Shamshuddin was left in a coma after a severe stroke and brain hemorrhage.

After Shamshuddin fell into a coma, the authorities found it difficult to find his relatives and family. When finally, the authorities found his residency card and traced his employer details it was discovered that Shamshuddin’s residency visa had expired and he had been living in the country illegally.

Shamshuddin comes from a very poor background, it was because of these hardships that he did not go back to his country even after his residency visa had expired. He continued to do odd jobs for a living.

The family cannot pay $5,000 to get him back in India: Shamshuddin did not have good terms with his family and is not known to contact them in any way for the past 20 years.

Now, his family wants to get him back to his own country but they cannot bear the $5000 expense which will get Shamshuddin to India on a stretcher in the care of a nurse.

The police case against Shams: Shamshuddin had another issue, a police case was filed against him for not paying his car rent but when a community worker approached the car company and told them about Shamshuddin’s condition they waved off the charges against him and dropped their case.

He refused to see his brother: Shamshuddin’s brother works as a private driver in the Kingdom and he has tried to meet Shamshuddin many times but Shamshuddin has avoided him. For now, Shamshuddin is in a state of coma in which he can only open and close his eyes.

His family is trying to get the money from the Indian embassy to get him back home. No further information about him going back home has yet surfaced.  

Living Abroad is not easy: Many of us who have our families settled in Saudi Arabia cannot even think how difficult is the life of these poor workers. They don’t earn enough money to call their family to Saudi Arabia neither can they afford to go back to their home countries frequently.

The far distance relationship dries up gradually and results in this kind of situations. I strongly discourage everyone to live far away from their family for the sake of a few pennies. You can eat and drink in your country as well with a lower level of standard of living.

Source: Al Arabiya