Car Accident leaves 1.5 years old orphaned, parents and grandparents died

Car accidents in Saudi Arabia have become a major cause of death. With 2016 being the year with the record number of fatalities caused by car accidents, things started becoming better in 2017 with electronic traffic management system implemented by the government but it is still not enough.

All his family members died leaving him all alone in this world: Horrific accidents claiming the lives of people seem to be the headlines every now and then.

A horrific car accident claimed the lives of a couple, their mother and their five-year-old daughter leaving behind an orphaned 18-month-old boy with a fractured skull and brain injury.

The surviving child spent 19 days in Coma: The accident happened on Al Jareen road when the family was going home from a wedding in another governorate. The surviving child was in a coma for nineteen days in King Fahad Hospital, Baha. The child was subjected to a head operation and was on a ventilator.

Crown Prince intervened: He was removed from the ventilator as his condition got stable and is ready to move to the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah under direct orders of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.  

The decision of moving the boy to the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah came after many healthcare facilities failed to accommodate him.  The uncle of the boy received a call from the head of the Saudi National guard who informed him of the order of the crown prince to transfer the baby.

There is a need to come up with a way to avoid such accidents. Our highways need to be more secure. The increasing number of car accidents is injecting a fear into the society.

He will spend the rest of his life as an Orphan: Today, an 18-month-old boy became an orphan and had to suffer such painful processes to recover and will have to suffer throughout his life.

His life would never be the same, growing up without his family. His mother will not be beside him to heal his wounds and console him in his hard time. We could only pray for the little boy.

Source: Gulf News