Saudi employee fired for throwing a hot cup of tea on expatriate’s face

Expatriates are mistreated all around the world: We have seen many expatriate workers being mistreated by their supervisors, sponsors or people at higher ranks and none of them raise a voice because they don’t want to get fired. This happens all around the globe and no one ever bothers with this.

He threw a hot cup of tea on the face of an expatriate worker: Recently, a security supervisor in Jeddah threw hot tea upon an Asian expatriate worker who was serving him at a stand.  The incident became popular due to a footage which became viral on social media.

In the footage, the supervisor is seen walking up to the stand and arrogantly asking to be served with another cup of tea.

Women responded well: Suddenly, many women arrive at the stall and start arguing with the man about what he had just done. The women are seen shouting with anger at the supervisor who has just committed a brutal act.

The supervisor, on the other hand, is taken aback and has nothing much to say and waves his hand in response while the women continue to assault him with their words. People on social media were shocked and outraged by this act of brutality.

Saudi was fired: They demanded that the supervisor must be punished immediately for this act.  Soon the authorities took notice of the incident and later the security supervisor was fired for assault and misconduct with the expatriate worker.

Expatriates don’t raise their voices: People on social media were all united against the supervisor. They demanded justice for the expatriate.

Many people brought up valid points. People said that the expatriate workers are afraid of raising a voice against such people because they are fearful of the fact that they might get fired.  These people have come here to earn under difficult circumstances if they had other ways they wouldn’t be here.

He is a human being, not your slave: It is our duty to feel for these workers and to respect them. Others said that whether the other person is an expatriate or a Saudi, the point is that he is a human being. If the supervisor has a higher rank than the worker, that gives him no right to treat him like a slave.

People who have ill thoughts like this security supervisor must be punished so that they stop doing things like these. The supervisor was punished because the women raised a voice against him. The expatriate got justice only because those women were brave enough to stand up against that man.

Women Power: This shows how strong our women are. Even men ignore these type of incidents but these women are greater than 10 men even. The way they argued with the supervisor, even after he became shocked and was helpless.

That is what women power is! Everyone on social media was happy after the supervisor was fired. It sent out a message to all those people who think of themselves above the others.

Our religion does not permit us to think like that and we should stop people who commit such acts. This incident was a win for humanity and the women of Saudi Arabia.